Martial arts studio vandalized after arrest

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- More than a week aft the apprehension of a Houston martial arts teacher connected charges helium failed to registry arsenic a enactment offender, owners of the workplace helium was connected to accidental they've been the unfortunate of backlash and assertion helium was ne'er a ceremonial worker there.

In a statement posted connected their website, representatives of the Wu Training Studio disconnected Richmond and Hillcroft said 1 of their locations has been vandalized and the claims are misinformation.

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"Please cognize that Felipe Corona was ne'er a portion of the WTS Ownership Group, and ne'er a ceremonial employee," workplace representatives said successful the statement. "The existent claims against Felipe took WTS and the full WTS household by astonishment arsenic WTS had nary cognition of these claims."

Corona was convicted of intersexual battle of a kid successful McAllen, Texas, successful 2011 successful transportation with a 16-year-old miss who investigators said met him portion helium worked astatine a martial arts workplace there. Once convicted, helium ne'er registered arsenic a enactment offender and claimed that helium moved to Mexico.

By the clip helium surfaced here, helium was known to students arsenic Coach Ivan, and Wu Training Studio denies claims made by Robert Ezzell, who said helium was a erstwhile employee.

"Kind of conscionable been surviving nether the radar, nether an alias, and nary 1 truly knowing the information of his quality oregon what helium had done," Ezzell said past week.

The U.S. Marshals were tipped disconnected astir Corona by idiosyncratic who said they saw his photograph connected a societal media station for the studio.

"WTS believes the dispersed of misinformation and online attacks person been a targeted and coordinated effort by individuals to destruct the reputation, and each that WTS Ownership Group has built," workplace representatives said.

Investigators said they discovered Corona was moving astatine 3 family-owned businesses successful southwest Houston: Spartan T-shirts, Wu Fighting World and Wu Training Studio.

Ezzell said Corona was moving with and astir children and teenagers.

"Even my ain girlfriend's girl for rather a while," said Ezzell, who worked astatine the concern with Corona and his member for 3 and a fractional years.

Police are asking anyone who whitethorn person been a unfortunate of Corona's to talk up and telephone the Houston Police Department.

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