Marjorie Taylor Greene Named As A Coup Plotter By 1/6 Organizers

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Organizers who planned the onslaught connected ideology and the Trump coup crippled person named Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene arsenic 1 of the planners.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Identified By 1/6 Organizers As Coup Plotter

Rolling Stone reported:

The 2 sources, some of whom person been granted anonymity owed to the ongoing investigation, picture participating successful “dozens” of readying briefings up of that time erstwhile Trump supporters broke into the Capitol arsenic his predetermination nonaccomplishment to President Joe Biden was being certified. 

“I remember Marjorie Taylor Greene specifically,” the organizer says.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Been Under Investigation And Suspicion Since The Attack.

Greene has been nether suspicion since the clip aft the attack. She has made her presumption wide by basically calling for a caller civilian war. Greene threatened to shut down the telecom companies aft the 1/6 Committee went aft her telephone records. She has been a vocal protagonist of the insurrectionists, and has adjacent floated a 2024 tally for president.

Witnesses are present placing Rep. Greene astatine meetings readying Trump’s coup. Her telephone records volition apt uncover that she was progressive successful the plot. The 1/6 probe could effect successful a transgression referral of Rep. Taylor Greene for prosecution.

The witnesser accounts from the 1/6 onslaught planners amusement wherefore House Republicans person been truthful terrified of immoderate probe into the coup and the attack. House Republicans were involved. Lots of House Republicans. One of the unanswered questions for the committee is however did the Capitol attackers cognize precisely wherever to spell erstwhile they were inside?

The reply is that they had assistance from House Republicans.

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