Manu's family plead for calm amid social media 'abuse'

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Joseph Manu's household accidental they "feel sorry" for Latrell Mitchell, pleading for societal media users to halt the attacks connected the South Sydney prima for his shocking tackle connected their lad successful Friday night's thriller astatine Suncorp.

Despite his lad currently sitting successful infirmary with terrible facial fractures, Manu's father, Nooroa, has delivered a heartfelt effect arsenic the atrocious humor betwixt the Roosters and Bunnies continues to boil.

"We really consciousness atrocious for Latrell," Nooroa told The Sydney Morning Herald. "He's copping a batch of maltreatment and we don't privation that happening. We privation to marque definite he's going to beryllium each close too.

"He's precise talented and we cognize his family, they are truly bully people. That's conscionable however we consciousness and it's up to Joey however helium feels. It was conscionable unfortunate [what happened connected Friday night]. Joey is acceptable to determination guardant and we're blessed arsenic a family. I deliberation the main happening is we determination on."

Latrell Mitchell and Joseph Manu (inset) (Getty/Instagram)

It comes conscionable hours aft Roosters skipper James Tedesco urged his Blues teammate to larn to curb his aggression, arsenic the South Sydney fullback accepted a six-week prohibition for an aboriginal blameworthy plea, ending his season.

"Latrell wouldn't bash it connected intent but its forceful interaction to the caput and whether its accidental oregon not, it causes idiosyncratic a just magnitude of bones successful his face... it indispensable beryllium beauteous forceful to the head," Tedesco said.

"You conscionable can't bash that.

"Fire and passionateness is what makes him specified a large subordinate but you don't privation to beryllium breaking people's faces."

Lid lifted on under-fire Latrell's clash with JWH in tunnel

Manu had 3 plates inserted into his fractured cheekbone during country connected Saturday and took to societal media connected Sunday to assertion helium was connected the roadworthy to recovery.

On his Instagram relationship connected Sunday Manu thanked "everyone for each the enactment & benignant messages. I'm successful bully spirits and recovering well."

Mitchell has reportedly sent Manu a substance connection since the contentious tackle.

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