Male Dominated Mainstream Media Virtually Ignores SCOTUS Letting Texas Kill Roe v. Wade

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Much of the mainstream media is inactive nattering connected astir Afghanistan, arsenic the Supreme Court sat connected its hands and allowed Texas to virtually termination Roe v. Wade.

Women Losing The Right To End Their Pregnancies Before Viability Should Be Big News.

The Washington Post reported:

A Texas instrumentality that bans astir abortions aft six weeks of gestation went into effect Wednesday, arsenic a midnight deadline for the Supreme Court to halt it came and went without action.

The tribunal could inactive assistance a petition from termination providers to halt the law, 1 of the nation’s astir restrictive. But some the statute’s proponents and opponents had expected connection from the precocious tribunal earlier the statute went into effect Sept. 1

The instrumentality efficaciously eliminates the warrant successful Roe v. Wade and consequent Supreme Court decisions that women person a close to extremity their pregnancies earlier viability, termination providers said, and that states whitethorn not enforce undue burdens connected that decision.

The Supreme Court blimpish majority’s refusal to enactment should person been the biggest communicative successful the state this morning.


Many outlets are covering the communicative arsenic thing that happened, but the discourse is missing.

The White Male-Dominated Corporate Media Ignores Women Again

For weeks now, the federation has seen virtually thing but achromatic men connected cablegram quality talking astir Afghanistan, truthful 1 would expect panels of women and wellness attraction experts talking astir the Supreme Court’s nonaccomplishment to enactment and what it means for women’s health.

Instead, the state gets nothing.

If men were losing a cardinal healthcare close with a caller instrumentality that would instrumentality distant power of their ain bodies and perchance termination them, cameras would beryllium unrecorded everyplace arsenic aggravated aged achromatic men by the dozens would enactment connected their MAGA hats and instrumentality it to the streets.

Women are the majority, but astir of the radical successful firm media who marque the decisions extracurricular of MSNBC, are men.

(PoliticusUSA is the lone media enactment owned by a pistillate and a idiosyncratic with a disability.)

Democrats successful Congress indispensable enactment to enactment the close to take into law, and they shouldn’t hold for a media firestorm to physique their lawsuit due to the fact that it’s not coming.

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