Madge blame redirected to 'insane' Tigers moves

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Sharks fable Paul Gallen has directed blasted distant from under-fire Wests Tigers manager Michael Maguire and dumped it connected the club's "insane" roster management.

Maguire is fearing for his occupation aft the Tigers committed to an interior review revolving mostly astir his position, pursuing his side's final-round 38-0 humiliation astatine the hands of wooden-spooners the Bulldogs.

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But alternatively of adding to the unit mounting connected Maguire, Gallen has pointed retired the agelong database of top-line players the nine has mislaid during its 10-year finals exile.

While State of Origin representatives James Tedesco, Mitchell Moses and Aaron Woods header the galore departed stars, the database extends good beyond those names.

Superstar fullback James Tedesco during his Wests Tigers days. (Getty)

"I look backmost astatine letting guys similar Chris Heighington go, Beau Ryan, past you look astatine Tedesco and Moses," Gallen said connected 2GB's Wide World of Sports radio.

"Some of the guys they've fto spell person conscionable been insane.

"You can't support them all; I recognize that. But you've got to support immoderate of them."

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Gallen's rant wasn't constricted to absorption of the Tigers' roster.

"Then you look astatine the coaches they've been through: (Tim) Sheens and (Mick) Potter and (Jason) Taylor," Gallen said.

Prized Eels halfback Mitchell Moses embraces erstwhile Wests Tigers halves spouse Luke Brooks aft a game. (Getty)

"Now Maguire's determination (and) they privation to get escaped of him, too.

"There's got to travel a clip wherever they've got to instrumentality with idiosyncratic and conscionable recognize that it's going to instrumentality a agelong clip to rebuild."

Gallen, successful agreeance with erstwhile NSW Blues manager Phil Gould, besides said connected Nine's 100% Footy this week that a main crushed for the Tigers' demise was their Concord base.

Gallen and Gould some judge the Tigers indispensable relocate from Concord to Campbelltown.

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Wests Tigers manager Michael Maguire. (Getty)

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