Mad Max cops it for actions after Hamilton crash

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Formula One fable Sir Jackie Stewart says Max Verstappen needs to turn up, successful the aftermath of his Italian Grand Prix crash with title rival Lewis Hamilton.

Both drivers were eliminated from the contention astatine Monza erstwhile they collided astatine the archetypal chicane, with the Red Bull car launched implicit the Mercedes. Only the halo instrumentality saved Hamilton from superior injury, oregon worse, erstwhile Verstappen's right-rear tyre landed connected his helmet.

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It's the latest successful a drawstring of on-track incidents betwixt the brace arsenic they combat for the satellite title. At the British Grand Prix, Verstappen was taken to infirmary aft a 51G interaction with the partition aft helium and Hamilton collided connected the opening lap, portion determination person been other, little superior incidents passim the year.

It's the archetypal play that Verstappen, who turns 24 aboriginal this month, has had the machinery to situation Hamilton implicit a afloat title campaign.

Max Verstappen of the Netherlands driving the (33) Red Bull Racing RB16B Honda and Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain driving the (44) Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team Mercedes W12 clang during the F1 Grand Prix of Italy astatine Autodromo di Monza connected September 12, 2021 successful Monza, Italy. (Photo by Peter Van Egmond/Getty Images) (Getty)

Stewards handed Verstappen a three-place grid driblet implicit the Italian incident, to beryllium served astatine the adjacent race, judging that helium was predominantly to blasted for the accident, but the Dutch operator drew disapproval for walking distant from the clang without adjacent checking connected Hamilton's condition.

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"Verstappen is taking longer than expected to mature," Stewart told the Daily Mail.

"Not adjacent to spell to spot Hamilton aft a superior mishap erstwhile you person conscionable driven implicit the apical of the feline is thing I don't truly understand.

"Especially erstwhile helium is inactive successful his car and remained determination for a agelong clip earlier getting out."

The presumption from Lewis Hamilton's car arsenic helium makes interaction with Max Verstappen astatine the British Grand Prix. (Getty)

Verstappen has been fixed comparatively escaped reign by Red Bull squad bosses implicit the years, who person been loathe to criticise the young star.

"Max has rather a batch to learn. But who volition helium perceive to?" Stewart asked.

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"He's very, precise good. He's astir apt the fastest operator connected the grid now, but to beryllium a due champion you cannot beryllium entangling yourself successful crashes each the time.

"If I were their squad principals, I'd archer them, 'For Christ's sake, don't bash it again'.

Triple satellite champion Sir Jackie Stewart. (Wayne Taylor/The Age)

"Just due to the fact that you are starring the satellite championship, it doesn't mean you are bulletproof."

Stewart, who led the run to amended operator information successful the 1970s, said the punishment for Verstappen wasn't enough, fixed the imaginable severity of the clang astatine Monza.

"The stewards person much information, but if they were truthful definite Verstappen was wholly to blasted past wherefore does helium lone get a three-place penalty?" helium said.

"If it weren't for the halo, Lewis could person died, and the expected culprit lone gets a slap connected the wrist."

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