LIVE: Titans in eighth spot after fast start

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It's been a superb opening fractional of shot from Justin Holbrook's broadside who are successful the apical 8 astatine the disbursal of Cronulla arsenic the scores presently stand.

After dodging an aboriginal scare from Euan Aitken, the Titans person piled connected 3 unanswered tries of their own, with Jayden Campbell, Mitch Rein and David Fifita crossing the effort enactment to springiness their squad a 16-0 pb astatine the main break.

It's looking beauteous grim for Sharks fans, who volition anticipation that the Warriors tin someway muster a amended effort successful the 2nd half. The large occupation is they person perfectly thing to play for.

The champion stake for Cronulla would've been the Warriors getting disconnected to a flyer. That Sami try-saver successful the opening could beryllium to beryllium pivotal successful that regard.

Holbrook would beryllium saying 40 minutes of the aforesaid please, boys.

David Fifita makes an interaction aft being fed successful by Tyrone Peachey but it's erstwhile again the enactment of Jayden Campbell that's breached the Warriors' defence open.

Campbell broke done the mediate of the crushed and was juuuuuust stopped successful his tracks by Reece Walsh.

But the respite was fleeting for the Warriors, arsenic Peachey picked up the shot and instantly darted towards the close country of the tract earlier uncovering Fifita successful unfastened space.

"The beast is back!" says Warren Smith connected Fox League's coverage.

He is backmost indeed. 16th effort of the play for the Titans' million-dollar man, that equals the Titans' single-season nine record.

Meanwhile, backmost to the finals implications, the Titans present person a five-point pb connected the Sharks for the eighth spot.

Cronulla fans volition beryllium praying that the Warriors bash not fto spell of the enactment here.

Holbrook has yet brought David Fifita, the club's marquee signing, lone the crippled aft 23 minutes of action.

What tin the Origin prima bash present for the Titans?

Mitch Rein is successful for the Titans' 2nd effort of the lucifer aft a helium catches the Warriors' defence falling dormant close connected the effort line!

After a speedy play-the ball, Rein slipped nether the tackle of Curran and squeezes the shot successful to springiness Holbrook's broadside a two-try lead.

Fogarty slots the conversion to springiness the Titans a 12-0 lead, meaning that as it stands they are wrong the apical eight, with Cronulla slipping to ninth.

Jamal Fogarty is the 2nd Titans subordinate to person his fig taken present aft a unsafe lifting tackle connected Bayley Sironen sees Sironen travel disconnected the tract with a enarthrosis injury.

Meanwhile Sironen's teammate, Euan Aitken, has besides near the tract and his assemblage connection suggests that helium mightiness beryllium done for the day.

As it stands, the Titans are a converted effort distant from being wrong the apical eight. The existent point-differential betwixt the Sharks and the Titans is down to five.

Six down, 5 to spell for the Gold Coast arsenic they unfastened the scoring done a Jayden Campbell try!

A speedy play the shot by Rein sets up Jayden Campbell who dribbles and chases it down to people the try. Titans 4-0.

Fogarty slots the casual conversion to marque it 6-0. Positive start, this, for Holbrook's men.

The Titans person been inspired implicit the past 5 minutes present and Steve Roach, connected commentary for Fox League, says, "They're playing similar it means thing to them".

A grandstand opening to this lucifer has besides seen Gold Coast's Mitch Rein placed connected study aboriginal on.

Rein took retired Warriors prima Reece Walsh's legs aft a 5th tackle footwear portion Walsh was successful the aerial and was placed connected study for a unsafe tackle successful the 4th minute.

A monolithic antiaircraft play by Phillip Sami wrong the archetypal infinitesimal of play has denied a definite Warriors try.

After a last acceptable footwear from Walsh was caught by the Warriors contempt Corey Thompson being successful the vicinity, Euan Aitken looked definite to people earlier helium was disrupted by Sami.

The Warriors' No.12 looks to person grounded the ball, but replays amusement that Sami got his genu successful the mode and caused the shot to beryllium fumbled close connected the effort line.

Massive slug dodged by the Gold Coast early.

For Titans and Sharks fans watching contiguous with bated breath, this is the lone fig that matters: 11.

If the Gold Coast Titans bushed the Warriors by 11 points oregon more, they volition publication their spot successful the apical eight.

If they either suffer oregon triumph by little than 11, the Sharks volition support their spot successful the finals.

NZ Warriors manager Nathan Brown says the lone crushed his squad has not qualified for the finals this twelvemonth is owed to being incapable to adjacent retired adjacent games.

They could beryllium progressive successful yet different 1 this day arsenic the Titans volition beryllium pushing for a finals spot, their archetypal post-season quality since 2016.

"Most of our games person gone down to the past 5 minutes," Brown tells Fox League.

"Some of those sides we haven't handled the backmost portion of the crippled arsenic good arsenic we've liked to.

"The guys are truly bully and grooming has been upbeat each the time. Most of our performances person been tenable arsenic acold arsenic our effort."

Brown's sentiment is echoed by league fable Andrew Johns, who is bullish astir their future.

"They pugnacious it out," Johns told Wide World of Sports. "They're 1 squad that if they tin triumph those choky games they'd beryllium astir the apical four."

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