LIVE: Late captaincy shake-up raises eyebrows

3 weeks ago 17
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Tariq Sims has been handed the Dragons captaincy up of their must-win clash against the Roosters this afternoon, contempt archetypal reports Jack de Belin was acceptable to don the armband.

According to manager Anthony Griffin, De Belin was discussed but ne'er genuinely considered for the St George Illawarra captaincy.

Nonetheless, the murmurs received backlash, considering de Belin misled the Dragons astir attending Paul Vaughan's infamous barbecue six weeks ago.

And successful a precocious power up up of the Red V's must-win clash against the Roosters, with their finals hopes hanging by a thread, Sims has present been elevated to the captaincy.

"Everyone understands what has happened the past 4 oregon 5 weeks astatine our club," Griffin said. "We've been down that road, we've dealt with it, the constituent moving guardant is it's been dealt with. Tariq Sims is our skipper this weekend."

Asked astir reports that de Belin had been touted arsenic captain, Griffin said: "I heard that, too. Tuesday day we ran done a fewer names. There was a communicative made retired of it."

Griffin said de Belin was "a leader" wrong the squad, "but Tariq Sims is our skipper connected Sunday and it's a large honour for Tariq. He's a section lad and we celebrated his 200th crippled a mates of weeks ago".

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