LIVE: Joey's massive call for eighth-place race

1 month ago 12
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Rugby league fable Andrew Johns has backed the Raiders to leap-frog the Sharks to assertion the past finals spot up for grabs up of circular 25.

The Raiders presently beryllium successful ninth, tied connected the aforesaid magnitude of points arsenic the Sharks who beryllium successful eighth, but with a worse differential.

The Sharks person a gangly bid successful beforehand of them arsenic they hole for a must-win clash against the Storm time evening, and Johns believes the Raiders volition get the leap connected them erstwhile they clash against the Roosters tonight.

"I deliberation the raiders volition beryllium the Roosters," Johns told Wide World of Sports' Immortal Behaviour.

"I can't spot the Sharks beating the Storm actually. But I tin spot the Raiders beating the Roosters.

"Just win. If you triumph you don't person to interest astir the different scores."

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