Lindsey Graham Sounds Drunk As He Can’t Say Cataclysmic On Face The Nation

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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) went disconnected the rails portion trying to knock Biden connected Afghanistan and couldn’t accidental cataclysmic.

Lindsey Graham Loses His Grasp Of The English Language While Criticizing Biden.


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) criticizes Biden handling of Afghanistan: “Pres. Biden said helium wanted to instrumentality this, Afghanistan, disconnected the sheet for aboriginal presidents. He has done the nonstop opposite. For the adjacent 20 years, American presidents volition beryllium dealing with this catastrophe.”


Graham said connected CBS’s Face The Nation:

Well, fig one, I wouldn’t person withdrawn. I would person kept the counterterrorism forces connected the ground. Your newsman indicated that erstwhile we person radical connected the crushed moving with indigenous forces, that’s the champion security argumentation against different 9/11. I would person held the Taliban to the conditions acceptable retired successful the statement with Trump. But fto maine archer you wherever I deliberation we’re at. This is simply a catalyst-, catastra-, conscionable a just beyond my quality to picture it.

It’s been a precise affectional mates of days for each of us. The parade of horribles are astir to unfold. We’re leaving thousands of Afghan allies down who fought bravely with us. We’re going to permission hundreds of American citizens behind. The accidental of different 9/11 conscionable went done the roof. These drone attacks volition not degrade ISIS. The fig of ISIS fighters person doubled. 

Lindsey Graham doesn’t attraction astir unnecessary COVID deaths being caused by unvaccinated Republicans. Graham doesn’t get affectional implicit an eviction situation that could permission millions of Americans, including children, homeless.


What gets Graham worked up to the constituent wherever it sounds similar helium is time drinking is lying astir President Biden and Afghanistan.

None of this lie-filled criticism is moving for Republicans, and Lindsey Graham sounding boozed up connected nationalist tv isn’t helping.

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