LG's UltraGear Gaming Speaker offers a headset-free way to chat in multiplayer

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(Pocket-lint) - We're arsenic large fans arsenic anyone of a bully gaming headset, but that doesn't mean we're unsighted to the downsides of donning a chunky brace of headphones, adjacent if they bash bring what astir each shaper volition happily telephone a "broadcast-ready" microphone.

Now, LG is making an absorbing play for those who privation to beryllium capable to bask their games with high-quality sound, and enactment successful dependable calls and chat channels, but without needing to deterioration headphones astatine all. It's conscionable announced the UltraGear Gaming Speaker GP9, with a refreshingly straightforward name.

This is simply a reasonably compact soundbar-like talker that tin beryllium atop your table and connection large dependable but, much importantly, has built-in microphones to prime up your dependable truly intelligibly to fto you dependable chat arsenic you play. These person been designed to isolate your dependable from the dependable the talker is outputting itself, truthful you should travel done plainly.

The GP9 has virtual situation dependable to get you a bully immersive acquisition arsenic you really play, which means it should besides beryllium coagulated for singleplayer sessions, and a 3.5mm audio jack if you bash determine to instrumentality to the satellite of wired headsets periodically.

 All the dependable  and RGB lighting you could ever   need

Best speakers for PC gamers 2021: All the dependable and RGB lighting you could ever need By Adrian Willings · 31 August 2021

There are useful mute and measurement accommodation controls connected apical of the speaker, alongside the ever-present RGB lighting, truthful it could marque a beauteous creaseless summation to your setup careless of what colourscheme you're going for. It's going connected merchantability successful South Korea, the US and immoderate parts of Europe successful September, according to LG, and we don't yet person a terms to justice it by.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 31 August 2021.

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