Lego recreated the McCallister house in a 4,000-piece Home Alone set

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(Pocket-lint) - How would you similar to ain a immense Lego mentation of the McCallister location from the 1990 movie Home Alone?

Well, conscionable successful clip for the holidays, Lego is announcing conscionable that: A Home Alone-themed acceptable created by instrumentality decorator acceptable Alex Storozhuk.

A mentation of this Lego acceptable archetypal made headlines successful 2019 - erstwhile the prima of Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin, gave it a thumbs up by tweeting the fan-built task and encouraging followers to ballot for it online. It didn't instrumentality agelong for Storozhuk's Lego Ideas submission to person thousands of votes.

Lego Ideas is simply a level for fans to taxable their ain builds that could 1 time go existent Lego sets to beryllium stocked successful stores.

To beryllium eligible for information by the Lego Ideas team, they indispensable scope a definite fig of votes from supporters. As revealed past year, Storozhuk’s submission was approved to beryllium turned into a set. With assistance from Lego designers Antica Bracanov and Enrique Belmonte Beixer, it’s acceptable for production.

The acceptable features 3,955 pieces for each the house's floors, including the basement and attic. It besides has mini-figures for the characters Kevin, Harry, Marv, Kate, and aged antheral Marley. There are adjacent things similar the after-shave lotion utilized successful the "Scream" bath country and Buzz's favored tarantula.

Being Home Alone is great!...Or is it? Sound connected earlier you spot our philharmonic tribute to the caller LEGO® Ideas Home Alone set!

— LEGO® IDEAS (@LEGOIdeas) October 21, 2021

Home Alone, which stars Culkin arsenic Kevin McCallister, led to sequels including Home Alone 2: Lost successful New York and Home Alone 3. They're specified fashionable films that Disney is releasing a caller installment - Home Sweet Home Alone - done its Disney+ streaming service. It's scheduled to merchandise successful November 2021.

The Home Alone Lego acceptable is, of course, timed to merchandise astir the aforesaid time. It'll beryllium disposable from 1 November 2021 and volition retail for $249.99 successful the US.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 22 October 2021.

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