Legend slams Latrell for horror hit on 'good mate'

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NRL fable Wendell Sailor has taken purpose astatine Latrell Mitchell for "borderline arrogance and entitlement" pursuing his fearfulness deed connected Joseph Manu connected Friday night.

South Sydney superstar Mitchell is staring at a play ending 6-9 week ban aft the precocious changeable that left Roosters weapon Manu severely injured.

Sailor said that Mitchell's trademark swagger was starting to instrumentality the radiance disconnected his crippled and reputation.

Latrell Mitchell of South Sydney. (Getty)

"It conscionable got personal," Sailor told Triple M vigor connected Saturday.

"I cognize they've (Mitchell and Manu) won premierships together, they're truly bully mates. But I conscionable deliberation sometimes with Latrell, his assurance tin get the amended of him.

"There's that small spot of borderline arrogance and entitlement.

Wendell Sailor. (Getty)

"Latrell has played immoderate truly bully shot this twelvemonth but a mates of things person crept into his game.

"I tin archer you close present (Rabbitohs coach) Wayne Bennett wouldn't beryllium existent happy. They can't triumph it (the premiership) without Latrell."

NRL guru Phil Gould, however, had a grade of sympathy for Mitchell.

'Latrell retired for the year': Gus

"Latrell Mitchell, determination volition beryllium a batch of radical astatine location calling for his head," Gould told Nine's Friday Night Footy post-show.

"But it's from radical who person ne'er played the crippled oregon been successful that presumption similar helium was defending his effort enactment there.

"He's got this wrong, he's made interaction with the caput and that's what it is. But we're surely going to perceive much astir it due to the fact that fixed what we've seen this season. The information that he's made interaction with the head, it won't substance wherefore oregon however it's happened, the information that Manu is truthful severely injured and he's got loading, I can't spot however helium won't beryllium spending clip connected the sideline."

Roosters centre Joey Manu fires up astatine Rabbitohs fullback Latrell Mitchell aft the brutal hit. (NRL Imagery)

Another NRL legend, Cooper Cronk, agreed the Rabbitohs couldn't triumph the premiership without Mitchell.

"I emotion Latrell and I've played a batch of shot with Latrell and helium is simply a dense rival and South Sydney request him successful their broadside to triumph the expansive final," Cronk said connected Fox Sports.

"He has already had 1 akin complaint with David Nofoaluma successful circular six and missed 4 weeks. He has got priors."

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