Latrell to pay huge price for ugly Manu hit

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Latrell Mitchell is acceptable to wage an adjacent heftier terms than missing the last bid for his antics against the Roosters past Friday night.

The prima fullback's encephalon snap has each but surely outgo him the accidental of being named 1 of the Rabbitohs' co-captains adjacent season.

The Rabbitohs are acceptable to name dual captains to regenerate the departing Adam Reynolds successful 2022 with 4 contenders - Damien Cook, Cam Murray, Cody Walker… and Mitchell.

But nine officials are present acceptable to enactment the reddish felt pen done Mitchell's sanction aft his nighttime of shame up north.

It wasn't adjacent truthful overmuch Latrell's dreadful tackle that enactment Rooster Joey Manu successful hospital - it was his antics afterwards that showed that the talented fullback isn't mature capable to grip the unit of being a squad leader.

Mitchell mislaid his chill erstwhile helium came backmost onto the tract aft his stint successful the misdeed bin, showing petulance and anger, and his show volition outgo him a occupation helium would person cherished.

Veteran winger to enactment with Parramatta successful 2022

Blake Ferguson's two-try show successful the Eels' mighty upset implicit Melbourne whitethorn good person saved the seasoned winger's career.

The 31-year-old flanker has had a mixed season, astatine 1 signifier being dropped, and had yet to beryllium offered a woody for 2022.

But Fergy is simply a proven big-game subordinate - arsenic helium showed against the Storm - and his manager Sam Ayoub is hoping to onslaught a caller statement soon.

Eels winger Blake Ferguson. (Getty)

I've spoken to Fergy this week and portion different clubs whitethorn beryllium an option, helium prefers to enactment with the Eels.

"I volition fto Sam bash the talking for me," helium said. "He's ne'er disappointed maine successful declaration years."

Bulldogs headdress bites

Versatile Broncos guardant John Asiata's determination to the Bulldogs is successful information of falling through.

Both parties person each but agreed to presumption but the occupation is the Bulldogs' disastrous wage headdress mess.

John Asiata successful enactment for the Broncos. (Getty)

The nine fundamentally doesn't person a cent to spare successful the wage headdress unless it moves players on.

If atrocious lad back-rower Adam Elliott is sent packing, that whitethorn unfastened the doorway for Asiata - but thing has happened determination yet.

"I person spoken to John and told him not to hold for america if helium finds determination other to play," Bulldogs brag Phil Gould told me.

Dragons motion roar rookie

The nephew of erstwhile Dragons Kyle and Chase Stanley has signed with the Big Red V for adjacent season.

Cyrus Stanley-Traill, a promising 16-year-old front-rower from the Bulldogs system, has agreed to a three-year woody with the Dragons.

Big and strong, Stanley-Traill has a Fijian dada and Samoan mum and has been a standout astatine Endeavour Sports High School and successful inferior rep teams.

The teen was successful blistery request earlier deciding to travel successful his 2 uncles' footsteps astatine the Dragons.

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