Kevin McCarthy Demands Democrats Investigate Afghanistan Instead Of Him

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy demanded that Democrats analyse Afghanistan alternatively of the 1/6 Capitol attack.

Video of McCarthy:

Kevin McCarthy has shifted, and is present trying to blasted Rep. Adam Schiff for Afghanistan, " Why didn't we cognize of what was happening connected the ground? Why didn't Adam Schiff person those hearings?"


McCarthy said connected Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, they person taken the Intel Committee that are expected to be the eyes and ears of looking around the satellite to support America safe and created Adam Schiff with a governmental committee, they spent their clip impeaching the president. 

We are a co-equal subdivision of government. Why didn’t we cognize of what was happening connected the ground? Why didn’t Adam Schiff have those hearings? Devin Nunes had lavation warned america and told maine galore times before, and present astatine this clip erstwhile they have an unfastened border, erstwhile they have caught radical connected the terror watch already this year, that they person the Homeland Security Chairman investigating members of Congress and the president of the Intel Committee? That’s their absorption alternatively of focusing connected protecting each of America and the homeland. That’s what they should be working on.

Kevin McCarthy: Investigate Afghanistan Instead Of Me

McCarthy’s effort to fell down Afghanistan was pathetic. The bully quality for the American radical is that the House tin some analyse Afghanistan and Kevin McCarthy.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is trying everything to some discredit the 1/6 probe and debar being a people of the investigation. For immoderate reason, McCarthy doesn’t privation the committee to get his telephone records and look astatine his conversations with Donald Trump.

Thirteen US Marines died, and Kevin McCarthy is trying to fell down their bodies to screen up the 1/6 investigation.

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