Kena: Bridge of Spirits Has Already Recouped Its Development Costs

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits was released successful September to mostly affirmative reviews (including a 9 retired of 10 from us) and has performed good successful sales. So overmuch truthful that, according to developer Ember Labs, the crippled has already breached adjacent connected its improvement cost.

In an interrogation with Bloomberg, Ember Lab heads Josh and Mike Grier discussed Kena's roadworthy from improvement to release. To their surprise, the crippled has seemingly sold well, and portion they don't divulge circumstantial merchantability numbers, they accidental it's already recouped its archetypal improvement costs. It's unclear however overmuch wealth Kena had down it, but this is large quality for the tiny studio. 

"It's hard to archer what's a immense success," said Josh successful the article. "Sony's happy."

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is simply a third-person action-adventure rubric that stars Kena, a tone guide, who guides tiny critters called the Rot to purify a onshore plagued by a supernatural blight. Along the way, you'll assistance wayward souls to assistance ferry them to the afterlife, portion enactment consists of melee and ranged combat. The crippled has an old-school linear plan and scope, positive it's rather the looker successful the creation section (Ember Labs chopped its teeth arsenic an animation studio, aft all). Kena is disposable connected PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Epic Games Store. 

Be definite to work the afloat interrogation to larn much astir the Kena: Bridge of Spirits' pre-release marketing, arsenic good arsenic our coverage hub for extended inheritance connected the crippled itself.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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