Kambosos stalemate puts Lopez fight in doubt

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World rubric challenger George Kambosos is yet to hold to determination his lightweight rubric combat with Teofimo Lopez to October 17 (AEST) astatine Barclays Centre successful Brooklyn, perchance jeopardising Triller's rights to the world rubric fight.

Kambosos is said to beryllium resistant to moving the archetypal day of October 5 (AEST) aft Triller decided to displacement the bout successful a bid to debar contention with different sports successful the US staged connected the aforesaid night.

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Triller needed some fighters to motion disconnected connected the day alteration since the contracts were already filed with the IBF.

Lopez signed the declaration to determination the combat to his location metropolis according to ESPN, but Kambosos is yet to hold to the docket change.

The Australian is demanding different $414,000 connected apical of the $3 cardinal he's owed and amended conditions for his signature. Triller CEO Ryan Kavanagh said the institution is already paying him "close to 10 times more" than what he's earned successful the past.

Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos Jr look disconnected during a property conference. (Getty Images for Triller)

"The aforesaid declaration that Teofimo signed is sitting successful beforehand of Kambosos to motion to combat connected the 16th," Kavanaugh told ESPN. "Our condolences to him connected the passing of his gramps - we recognize this is simply a pugnacious week for him arsenic the ceremonial is tomorrow.

"Clearly fixed his household situation, it's a amended day for him ... Triller is not going to wage thing other oregon marque other accommodations, arsenic it didn't for Teofimo. ... Triller is already paying him adjacent to 10 times what he's made successful the past. If helium were for immoderate crushed to not bash this woody with us, helium would marque importantly less. We are assured this combat is occurring and he's going to motion the declaration soon."

Kambosos has leverage, due to the fact that if helium doesn't motion helium could past unit the IBF to find Triller successful default, and the rights to the bout would beryllium fixed to Eddie Hearn's Matchroom Sport.

George Kambosos Jr during his combat astatine the MGM Grand against Ray Perez. (Getty)

The combat has already been moved from astatine slightest 4 announced dates, astir precocious changing from October 5 to October 4 (US) for fearfulness of going head-to-head with Monday Night Football.

Triller has forfeited $100,000 (USD) deposit with Madision Square Garden, informing the venue they were pulling the fight.

"Please beryllium advised that the Triller Fight Club Undisputed Lightweight Championship: Lopez vs. Kambosos lawsuit scheduled to instrumentality spot astatine Hulu Theater astatine MSG connected Monday, October 4, 2021 has been cancelled," the MSG website presently reads.

If Triller defaults and Matchroom takes up the rights to the fight, some fighters would bull a wage chopped since Hearn enactment up implicit $3 cardinal (USD) successful losing to Triller's bid of implicit $6 cardinal (USD).

Lopez and Kambosos could instrumentality ineligible enactment against Triller to recoup that money.

"We expect nary further postponements and the combat to instrumentality spot connected October 4, 2021 arsenic per the contracts," Linda Torres, pb counsel for the IBF said successful a connection to Boxing Scene.

"Mr. Kambosos has intelligibly expressed that helium is unwilling to alert astir the satellite until Triller has complied with its obligations to supply a program to get him location successful a tenable clip and manner."

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