Justice Breyer Still Mulling Over Potential Retirement

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Speaking to The New York Times, Associate Justice Stephen Breyer said helium is inactive mulling implicit his imaginable retirement. At 83 years old, Breyer is the oldest subordinate sitting connected the Supreme Court.

“There are a batch of blurred things there, and determination are galore considerations,” helium said. “They signifier a whole. I’ll marque a decision.”

Citing the precocious Justice Antonin Scalia, Breyer said 1 of the reasons down his determination to mull implicit his status is retired of interest that his spot could spell to an ideologically opposed successor.

“He said, ‘I don’t privation idiosyncratic appointed who volition conscionable reverse everything I’ve done for the past 25 years,’” Breyer said, adding: “I don’t deliberation I’m going to enactment determination till I dice — anticipation not.”

Breyer besides voiced concerns astir proposals to change the Supreme Court, specified arsenic expanding the fig of justices. He cautioned those who’ve advocated for specified measures to reconsider.

“If A tin bash it, B tin bash it. And what are you going to person erstwhile you person A and B doing it?” helium said. “Nobody truly knows, but there’s a risk, and however large a hazard bash you privation to take?”

There is not presently a vacancy connected the Supreme Court but progressives person been pressuring Breyer to discontinue to guarantee that the vacancy occurs portion the Democrats are successful power of the Senate. Breyer has not indicated that helium volition retire. However, if helium did, the vacancy would let President Joe Biden to nominate idiosyncratic younger and possibly bring much diverseness to the tribunal adjacent if a Democratic assignment does not impact the existent 6-3 blimpish majority.

Progressive activists person besides cited fears of a Republican triumph successful adjacent year’s midterm elections. Should Breyer, who turned 83 connected August 15, dice oregon discontinue then, helium would supply the GOP the accidental to unafraid a 7-2 bulk connected the court.

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