John Kelly Thinks Trump Is Faking Running For President In 2024

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Former Trump White House main of unit John Kelly thinks that Trump won’t tally successful 2024.

People Who Worked For Trump Say He Won’t Run In 2024

The Atlantic reported successful a communicative astir Mike Pence:

Pence’s chances successful the ’24 contention brighten if Trump stays out. Right now, Trump is sounding similar a candidate, though immoderate radical who person worked with him fishy he’ll yet basal down. “Trump won’t run,” John Kelly, who was Trump’s longest-serving main of staff, told me. “He’ll proceed talking astir it; helium whitethorn adjacent declare, but helium volition not run. And the crushed is helium simply cannot beryllium seen arsenic a loser.” John Bolton, who was Trump’s erstwhile nationalist information adviser, predicted overmuch the aforesaid thing.

Trump Running A Fake Campaign Is The Nightmare Scenario For Republicans

The crushed wherefore Trump would stage a fake campaign, but not truly run, is money. Trump has already told anyone and everyone that helium speaks to that helium hasn’t announced his candidacy due to the fact that of run concern disclosure laws.

Trump has the quality to not state arsenic a campaigner but monopolize Republican fundraising with his ace PAC.

John Kelly brings up a large point, If Trump ran again and lost, which is historically speaking the astir apt outcome, helium would spell down arsenic 1 of the biggest losers successful American history.

It would beryllium overmuch much lucrative for Trump not to tally but walk the remainder of his beingness claiming that the predetermination was stolen.

There is nary heir evident to Trump. Ron DeSantis, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and each different MAGA volition tally if Trump doesn’t. The Republican superior successful 2024 volition beryllium a full debacle if Trump doesn’t run, but nary 1 volition beryllium amazed if Trump grifts disconnected the Republican Party 1 past clip by faking different run.

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