Jen Psaki Obliterates Male Right Wing Religious Reporter On Texas Abortion Law

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Jen Psaki took isolated the sexism of the question connected protecting the unborn kid from EWTN’s Owen Jensen.


Jen Psaki to a antheral spiritual right-wing newsman connected Texas termination question, "I cognize you person ne'er faced those choices, nor person you ever been large but for women retired determination who person faced those choices, this is simply a hard thing."


Jensen asked,  “Who does helium judge the lookout for the unborn child?”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki answered, “He believes it is up to a woman to marque those decisions and up to a pistillate to marque those decisions with her doctor. I cognize you person ne'er faced those choices, nor person you ever been pregnant but for women retired determination who person faced those choices, this is a difficult thing. The president believes that right should beryllium respected. I deliberation we’ve got to determination on. You person had plentifulness of time today.”

Jen Psaki Hit On The Male Hypocrisy Behind The Abortion Issue

Men who volition ne'er person to look getting large are making cardinal healthcare decisions for women. Owen Jensen doesn’t cognize what he’s talking about. The men who enforce these restrictions connected women person nary hint what they are talking about.

Men who enforce these beingness and decease policies upon women are treating them similar second-class citizens. Anyone who suggested that a achromatic antheral indispensable marque healthcare decisions for each African-Americans would beryllium rightly called a racist, but these aforesaid radical consciousness the request to person a “moral debate” astir whether oregon not women tin marque their ain healthcare decision.

Jen Psaki treated the spiritual close antheral entitled question precisely arsenic it deserved, but the likelihood are that the achromatic male-dominated media volition larn thing from the exchange.

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