Jeff Bridges says he was 'close to the pearly gates' while battling Covid during cancer treatment

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(CNN)Jeff Bridges says his crab is successful remission, and he's making advancement successful his combat against the semipermanent effects of Covid aft a pugnacious battle.

In a new station to his website, the histrion says his cancerous wide is present the "size of a marble" and his Covid "in the rear presumption mirror" aft a conflict that began earlier this year.

Bridges believes helium caught the microorganism aft being exposed astatine the installation wherever helium was receiving chemotherapy treatment.

    He spent 5 weeks successful the hospital, helium said, due to the fact that "my immune strategy is changeable from the chemo."

      "My creation with Covid makes my crab look similar a portion of cake," helium wrote.

      He said he's inactive moving connected wholly foregoing oxygen assistance but nary longer needs it to locomotion around.

      Bridges was blessed to study that his extremity of walking his daughter, Hayley, down the aisle astatine her wedding was accomplished, and helium was besides capable to bash the accepted father/daughter creation without the assistance of oxygen.

      Bridges said his woman besides battled Covid and spent 5 days successful the hospital.

      "Covid kicked my ass beauteous good, but I'm treble vaccinated and feeling overmuch amended now," Bridges wrote, adding that helium managed to support his spirits up.

        "While I had moments of tremendous pain...getting adjacent to the pearly gates, each successful all, I felt blessed and joyous astir of the time. This brushwood with mortality has brought maine a existent acquisition — beingness is little and beautiful," helium wrote. "Love is each astir america and disposable astatine each times. It's a substance of opening ourselves to person the gift."

        Bridges volition adjacent prima successful "The Old Man" for FX, a play based connected the caller from Thomas Perry.

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