Jake Paul sparks melee ahead of Woodley fight

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After their earlier measurement successful went to program without immoderate rowdy behaviour, Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley got into different shoving match during a nationalist quality aboriginal successful the day.

In a blatant effort to beforehand their boxing bout tomorrow, some men and their teams filled the signifier arsenic information and Cleveland constabulary got successful the mediate of it.

It started erstwhile Paul was being interviewed by MMA newsman Ariel Helwani, and was asked wherefore helium was eating chickenhearted fingers connected stage.

CLEVELAND, OHIO - AUGUST 28: Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley look disconnected during the measurement successful lawsuit astatine the State Theater anterior to their August 29 combat connected August 28, 2021 successful Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) (Getty)

"Chicken fingers, Tyron's a chicken," Paul told Helwani.

"It makes sense."

Woodley past walked implicit and reached retired to springiness him packets of bedewed wipes, and Paul slapped them retired of Woodley's hands.

He past shoved the erstwhile UFC champ away, kicked him and tried to scope for his hat, successful a akin stunt helium pulled connected Floyd Mayweather successful May.

Jake Paul holds a portion of chickenhearted arsenic helium talks to Ariel Helwani. (Getty)

Woodley moved distant and determination was pushing and shoving with radical connected signifier earlier they cooled down.

Earlier this week, Woodley slammed members of Paul's squad for talking trash to his mother, having to beryllium held backmost aft the prefight quality conference.

Earlier, Paul weighed successful astatine 190 pounds (86kg) astatine the Intercontinental Hotel for the catchweight bout.

The assemblage closes successful connected Paul and Woodley. (Getty)

Woodley, the erstwhile UFC welterweight champion, weighed successful astatine 189.5 pounds (85.95kg) -- the heaviest helium has been successful his combat sports career.

Woodley fought successful the UFC exclusively astatine 170 pounds (77kg) but volition beryllium astatine a size disadvantage for the 8 3-minute rounds bout.

Paul (3-0) is facing the toughest trial of his boxing career. In his past fight, helium knocked retired erstwhile UFC combatant Ben Askren successful the archetypal round.

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