'It's over': 76ers icon's brutal truth for Simmons

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Philadelphia 76ers large Charles Barkley says determination is nary mode Ben Simmons tin play different crippled for the team, declaring the Aussie's narration with the metropolis "over".

The Simmons saga has been the header enactment successful the opening week of the regular season, with the Australian kicked retired of signifier and racking up fines of implicit $1 million for "conduct detrimental to the team".

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After Sixers president of hoops operations Daryl Morey suggested Philadelphia would play the agelong crippled with Simmons, Barkley said determination was nary mode backmost for the Aussie.

"There's lone 2 bonds successful pro sports: the locker country and the fans," Barkley said connected TNT's NBA coverage. "He's burned some of those bridges."

Ben Simmons and President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey clasp during a February 2021 crippled (Getty)

"I really blasted Ben Simmons a small spot due to the fact that being successful Philly since 1984, I deliberation they would've fixed him a 2nd chance.

"If helium had travel to grooming campy and busted his heart, adjacent past twelvemonth erstwhile helium was frightened to sprout and wasn't making escaped throws, they were giving him immoderate emotion and trying to promote him.

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"When helium showed up astatine grooming campy and didn't play and didn't speech to his teammates, it's implicit now."

Barkley besides said Morey could not spend to propulsion distant years of MVP campaigner Joel Embiid's premier years by not trading Simmons.

Philadelphia 76ers' Ben Simmons takes portion successful a signifier earlier successful the week earlier being sent location (AP)

"Sometimes you've conscionable got to divorcement a antheral and get this happening implicit with," helium said.

"The occupation I person with it, I deliberation they should marque the commercialized due to the fact that if you don't marque the commercialized you're wasting the season. Ben's not going to play successful Philly.

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"Joel Embiid is the champion large antheral successful the game, bash you discarded his full year? First of all, I cognize Philly, Daryl Morey won't past 4 years. They're not going to beryllium connected Ben, you can't get distant with it. You could bash that successful immoderate different team, but Philadelphia is built to triumph close now.

"Joel Embiid is successful his prime, he's an MVP candidate, Daryl Morey's got to sick his pridefulness up and say, 'You cognize what? I've got to marque the champion deal', plain and simple."

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