Despite repeated calls for concrete international action to reduce the tragic death toll of migrants, dozens were killed successful Mexico erstwhile a crowded truck overturned in Chiapas on Thursday night, the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) said in a connection released on Friday. 

At slightest 54 reportedly Central American migrants died and more than 100 were injured – the azygous deadliest incidental for migrants successful Mexico since astatine slightest 2014, erstwhile IOM began documenting deaths. 

"Today is simply a bittersweet time for the families of galore immigrants", IOM tweeted. 

The migrants were crammed into the truck's trailer erstwhile it reportedly rolled on a crisp curve, according to quality reports showing pictures of victims strewn crossed the roadworthy adjacent to the overturned truck. 

Worst decease toll since 2014 

The bureau underscored the regular risks faced by millions of radical successful search of a amended beingness distant from their countries of origin, saying, "we tin bash much for them". 

Some 651 people have died this twelvemonth attempting to transverse Mexico’s borderline into the United States, much than successful immoderate twelvemonth since 2014.  

"This summation is particularly concerning due to the fact that astir information for this borderline portion are reported lone aft the twelvemonth ends", said IOM. 

'Controlled and managed' migration, key 

UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric told journalists astatine a regular property briefing: "If this latest incidental isn’t a reminder for the satellite and for Member States to hold connected controlled and managed planetary migration program it’s unclear to spot what is". 

Citing IOM, he said that the 2021 migrant decease toll successful Mexico has surpassed 4,470 men, women and children. 

Moreover, tthe number of deaths and disappearances has accrued connected galore migratory routes crossed the satellite successful 2021, including successful Europe and the Americas. 

According to the UN agency, "globally, the fig of deaths this twelvemonth is already much than the 4,236 full recorded successful 2020...[and] much than 45,400 deaths person been recorded since 2014. 

Chiapas Governor Rutilio Escandón described it arsenic 1 of the worst accidents of its benignant successful Mexico, according to quality reports.  

Fatalities see men, women, children 

Forty nine people were confirmed dormant astatine the scene, and 5 much died successful hospital. 

Emergency officials said the victims included men, women and children. Most of the radical connected committee were from Guatemala, but determination were others from Honduras, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. 

The motortruck was reportedly speeding erstwhile it flipped connected a crisp crook and deed a pedestrian span connected a main roadworthy starring to the Chiapas authorities capital, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, astatine astir 15:30 section clip connected Thursday, quality sources reported. 

Chiapas, which neighbours Guatemala, is simply a large transit constituent for undocumented migrants. 

IOM Mexico regrets the deaths of dozens of migrants successful  an mishap  successful  Chiapas, confederate  Mexico, connected  9 December 2021.


IOM Mexico regrets the deaths of dozens of migrants successful an mishap successful Chiapas, confederate Mexico, connected 9 December 2021.