Eric Swalwell Shoots Down Lauren Boebert’s Claim That He Slept With A Chinese Spy

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Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) made it wide that helium ne'er slept with a Chinese spy similar Rep. Boebert claimed, and helium has besides ne'er had the FBI raid his house, similar Boebert’s run manager.

Boebert said connected the House level during the Paul Gosar censure debate, “and then the cherry connected top, my colleague and three-month presidential candidate from California who is connected the intelligence committee slept with Fang Fang, a Chinese spy. “

Rep. Swalwell responded:

Weird. If I had done thing incorrect the FBI would person raided my house. They didn’t (and went arsenic acold to contented a connection saying I did thing wrong). BUT yesterday they did raid the location of @laurenboebert’s run manager. They’re ever projecting.

— Rep. Eric Swalwell (@RepSwalwell) November 17, 2021

Republicans person been obsessed with the fictional Eric Swalwell China communicative for months. Swalwell was contacted by a Chinese spy, truthful helium went to the FBI and cooperated with the investigation, which is what members of Congress/elected officials are expected to do.

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It is simply a hard conception for Republicans to wrapper their heads around, but erstwhile a overseas authorities contacts a US elected authoritative and tries to corrupt an predetermination oregon illegally power policy, the authoritative has a work to study the contact.

Kevin McCarthy responded to Swalwell doing the close happening by trying to get him thrown disconnected of his committee assignments.

The lone crushed wherefore Rep. Boebert isn’t facing an morals probe and being disciplined for her comments is that she didn’t code anyone straight connected the House level oregon usage immoderate names.

Rep. Swalwell is right. The FBI didn’t raid his location due to the fact that helium did thing wrong. However, 1 should not beryllium amazed if determination are much instrumentality enforcement doorway knocks successful the aboriginal for radical who are adjacent to Lauren Boebert.

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