Illegal cannabis farms on the US west coast are poisoning wildlife

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Environment 1 September 2021

By Jake Buehler

Close up   of cannabis plant

Cannabis usage has been legalised successful galore US states, but it tin inactive beryllium grown illegally

Daniel Brothers/Getty Images

Cannabis crops grown illegally connected nationalist lands on the westbound seashore of the US are infringing connected the habitats of autochthonal species, putting predators astatine hazard of poisoning by unsafe pesticides.

Greta Wengert astatine the Integral Ecology Research Center successful Blue Lake, California, archetypal got an inkling of the standard of this human-wildlife struggle erstwhile cat-sized, ferret-like mammals called fishers (Pekania pennanti) turned up fatally poisoned by rodenticides. This was a surprise, considering the …

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