Hundreds of fish die from herpes

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(WXYZ) — The Michigan Department of Natural Resources announced that it finished its probe into what killed hundreds of communal carp connected Lake Orion successful July.

According to the DNR, the deaths were caused by the koi herpesvirus.

"As the lawsuit with astir herpesviruses, KHV is precise circumstantial connected which food taxon it volition infect and lone affects communal carp, koi and goldfish," said Gary Whelan, Fisheries Division Research Program manager, successful a property release. "This is lone the 3rd detection of this non-native microorganism successful Michigan waters, and it is known to termination ample numbers of its big taxon astatine times. KHV does not impact immoderate different food taxon and has nary implications for immoderate different birds, mammals oregon humans."

It is reported that betwixt 300 to 600 mostly big food were killed successful northeast Oakland County during that time.

The DNR notes that viruses that impact food are not usually quality pathogens due to the fact that of a quality successful assemblage temperature.

They are powerfully encouraging that radical afloat navigator freshwater food for harmless consumption.

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