How to use iOS Shortcuts to create a custom RSS reader

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(Pocket-lint) - The Shortcuts app connected iOS is 1 of the astir almighty yet neglected tools disposable connected immoderate iPhone oregon iPad today. However, conscionable due to the fact that it's gone unnoticed by the immense bulk of users doesn't mean you should fto its almighty capabilities descent by.

RSS readers mightiness look similar an echo from the past, but they tin inactive service arsenic a almighty instrumentality to work headlines without having to woody with each the different fluff you'd travel crossed erstwhile browsing societal media to get your accusation via instead. 

If you'd similar to easy spot the latest headlines from your favourite quality sources with lone a pat of an icon oregon conscionable a speedy summon by Siri, travel along. 

Here's however to make a customized RSS provender scholar utilizing Shortcuts. 

  1. Open the Shortcuts app connected your iPhone oregon iPad.
  2. Tap connected the + icon astatine the apical to create a caller shortcut.
  3. In the hunt bar, find and prime the Choose from Menu action. 

Once you're astatine this step, you'll beryllium fixed 2 point lines by default — the magnitude of items you take volition beryllium the magnitude of quality feeds you're going to root from, truthful if you person 4 favourite websites successful mind, marque definite to adhd 4 items altogether. 

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After that, marque definite you rename each the items to the names of the quality outlets you'll beryllium utilizing truthful you tin easy place them erstwhile the shortcut is up and running. 

Next, add the URL action underneath each of the items we added successful the measurement before. This URL container is wherever you’re going to request to paste the RSS provender links for the accompanying websites. If you aren't definite wherever to find a circumstantial quality outlets RSS information, Feedspot is simply a elemental to usage website that easy helps you find the RSS nexus you'll request to marque this shortcut work. 


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Now astatine the extremity of your shortcut, add the Get Items from RSS Feed action. By default, it'll beryllium acceptable to propulsion 10 headlines from each outlet, but if you'd similar to set that number, here's your chance. 

To travel that, adhd Safari's Filter Articles enactment and (presumably) you'll privation to acceptable the Sort by mounting to Published Date past the Order enactment to Latest First. This ensures you're seeing caller quality archetypal and not stories from 2010. 

Final steps

Finally, you're acceptable to enactment the finishing touches connected now. 

Close retired this shortcut by adding the Choose from List action, past decorativeness it each disconnected with a elemental Open URLs trigger. 

And that's it! Your precise ain customized RSS provender scholar without immoderate unwarranted babe pics oregon weirdly intrusive ads. 


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If you'd similar to not spell done the hassle of gathering this up yourself but alternatively would alternatively adhd this shortcut straight onto your iPhone oregon iPad with conscionable a tap, click here. Once it's connected your device, you tin easy set the template created supra with each your idiosyncratic quality preferences.  

The info for each our RSS feeds astatine Pocket-lint are disposable close here.

To work an overview of what precisely the iOS Shortcuts app is and however you tin usage it for adjacent much featuers, cheque retired our explainer by tapping here

Writing by Alex Allegro. Originally published connected 5 September 2021.

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