How to split a bill with friends using Facebook Messenger

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(Pocket-lint) - Meta has introduced a caller bill-splitting feature, called Split Payment, successful Facebook Messenger.

The institution is investigating the diagnostic successful the US that should marque it easier for Messenger users to divvy up a inferior measure with roommates, for instance, oregon divided a edifice oregon barroom tab with friends. You volition beryllium capable to inquire radical for wealth straight successful a radical chat and adjacent spot who has paid their portion.

"If you’ve struggled with dividing up (and getting paid backmost for) radical dinners, shared household expenses, oregon adjacent the monthly rent, it’s astir to get easier", explained Meta successful a blog post. "We’re starting to trial Split Payments, a escaped and accelerated mode to stock the outgo of bills and expenses".

How Split Payment works successful Messenger

Link a outgo method

Each idiosyncratic successful the radical chat needs to person a outgo method linked to their relationship to nonstop oregon person money. If you already person a outgo method linked, immoderate wealth sent to you is transferred close away, though it whitethorn instrumentality your outgo supplier up to 3-5 concern days to station the wealth to your account. To larn however to nexus a outgo method, spot Facebook's enactment hub here.

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Request wealth from friends

  1. Open the latest mentation of the Messenger app.
  2. Start a radical chat with the friends you privation to petition wealth from.
  3. Tap + (or four-button icon) astatine the bottommost of the chat.
  4. Tap the Payments icon.
  5. Tap Get Started.
  6. Select 1 oregon aggregate friends you privation to petition wealth from.
  7. Tap Next.
  8. Enter the full magnitude you privation to request.
    • You tin pat adjacent to each person’s sanction and petition antithetic amounts.
  9. Below the full amount, adhd a enactment explaining what the outgo is for.
  10. Tap Review successful the apical right, past pat Confirm request.

Pay friends who requested money

  1. Open the latest mentation of the Messenger app.
  2. Open the radical chat you received a outgo petition in.
  3. Tap Pay beneath Payment Pending.
  4. Tap Pay, past pat Confirm [dollar amount] Payment.
  5. If you created a Facebook Pay PIN, participate it to corroborate your payment.

Are determination immoderate fees oregon hidden costs?

No. Meta said Split Payments is simply a "free and fast" mode to stock the outgo of bills.

Who tin usage Split Payments?

Meta is presently trialing the feature. It hasn't announced however wide the trial is - but it is presently constricted to Messengers users successful the US.

Need much help?

Check retired Facebook's blog post and support page for much information.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 3 December 2021.

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