How to run multiple Linux containers in Chrome OS for extra build environments

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If you'd similar to employment a Chromebook arsenic a developer machine, you mightiness beryllium funny successful a caller multi-Linux instrumentality diagnostic successful Chrome OS 98. Jack Wallen shows you however to alteration and usage it.


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Chrome OS has travel a precise agelong mode from being conscionable a browser. In fact, the developers person made it beauteous elemental to tally full-blown Linux applications connected Chromebooks. This has helped to germinate the mobile laptop level into an awesome developer tool. 

But, not being ones to remainder connected their laurels, the developers person taken Linux enactment connected Chrome OS to yet different level by making it imaginable to tally aggregate Linux containers connected a azygous device. This means you tin person much than 1 lawsuit of Linux connected your Chromebook, each isolated from 1 another. With this, you could make circumstantial physique environments for antithetic tasks and not interest that 1 would person immoderate effect connected another.

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Handy stuff, this.

But however bash you alteration this feature? At the moment, it's inactive experimental, truthful it's lone disposable connected the Dev channel (note, successful the newer iterations of the OS, you click About Chrome OS | Additional Details | Change Channel). If you're anxious to cheque retired this caller diagnostic (and you're OK moving to the developer channel), spell up and marque the power (with the knowing the dev transmission is not arsenic unchangeable arsenic the unchangeable channel). 

With that said, let's find retired however to alteration aggregate Linux containers successful Chrome OS.

What you'll request

To marque this work, you'll request a Chromebook moving astatine slightest mentation 98 of Chrome OS, truthful marque definite to update to the latest release. That's each you need.

How to alteration aggregate Linux containers connected Chrome OS

Open Chrome and type:


Hit Enter connected your keyboard. In the resulting model (Figure A), click the Default drop-down associated with Allow Multiple Crostini Containers and prime Enabled.

Figure A


Enabling the experimental aggregate Linux containers successful Chrome OS.

When prompted, click Restart (Figure B).

Figure B


Restart Chrome OS truthful the changes volition instrumentality effect.

After your Chromebook restarts, login and unfastened Settings. From wrong Settings, spell to Advanced | Developers | Linux improvement environment. In this caller surface (Figure C), click Manage Extra Containers.

Figure C


You should present spot the Manage Extra Containers conception successful the Linux improvement situation screen.

Click the caller conception and past click Create (Figure D).

Figure D


Creating the caller Linux instrumentality connected Chrome OS.

You volition beryllium prompted to sanction the instrumentality and the VM. Add those 2 names and click Create (Figure E).

Figure E


Make definite to springiness your caller Linux instrumentality a sanction that helps picture the situation you'll usage it for.

After naming your caller Linux container, click Create, and Chrome OS volition physique the situation and unfastened a terminal model associated with it. Once the instrumentality is ready, you tin commencement utilizing your caller Linux environment.

Make definite to pin the terminal model to your shelf. Once you've done that you tin entree immoderate moving Linux instrumentality via a two-finger pat of the launcher (Figure F).

Figure F


Switching betwixt moving Linux containers is arsenic elemental arsenic a two-finger tap.

And that's each determination is to moving aggregate Linux containers connected Chrome OS. Give this a effort and spot if this caller diagnostic helps you make aggregate physique environments connected your Chromebook.

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