How to install Google Docs on your Chromebook and why you should

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If you're a Google Docs powerfulness idiosyncratic who works with a Chromebook, this is 1 useful extremity you'll privation to implement.


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If you're a Chromebook user, you person astir apt accepted your instrumentality is beauteous overmuch an interface for Google's unreality offerings arsenic good arsenic a web browser for moving extracurricular of that peculiar ecosystem. So, erstwhile you request to enactment with Google Docs, you unfastened Chrome, caput implicit to oregon, and spell to work.

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But immoderate of america similar a spot of separation betwixt our web browsers and our productivity apps. It's similar the quality betwixt utilizing a webmail lawsuit oregon a existent email client. I overmuch similar the look and consciousness of utilizing a dedicated application. Not lone does it springiness you a much desktop-like feel, but it besides keeps your web browser from getting excessively cluttered with tabs. And fixed that Google has inactive yet to genuinely nail tab absorption successful Chrome, thing you tin bash to forestall your browser from getting excessively jammed up with tabs is simply a plus.

Ergo ... installing Google Docs.

Now, earlier you get excessively excited, you're not really installing thing connected your Chromebook. Outside of Linux and Android apps, you're inactive constricted to moving with a browser. But that doesn't mean you can't summation a pseudo-dedicated app for Google Docs.

Let maine amusement you how.

What you'll need

To marque this work, you'll lone request a Chromebook that is associated with your Google account. I'll beryllium demonstrating connected the ChromeOS 94.0.4606 dev build, but you should beryllium capable to bash this with immoderate merchandise connected immoderate channel.

How to instal Google Docs

What we're going to bash is alteration Google Docs to beryllium opened successful its ain dedicated model (without each of the Chrome trimmings). But adjacent mounting Docs to unfastened successful this mode makes a large quality successful however you work.

So, however bash you bash it? Very simple. Open Chrome connected your Chromebook and past navigate to Once there, click the Chrome paper fastener successful the apical close country of the browser window. Click Create Shortcut and then, erstwhile prompted, sanction the shortcut and click the checkbox for Open As Window (Figure A).

Figure A


Creating an app model shortcut for Google Docs connected ChromeOS.

Click Create, and your shortcut is ready. Google Docs volition automatically unfastened successful the caller window, wherever you tin get to enactment (Figure B).

Figure B


Google Docs successful its ain app window.

The adjacent happening you should bash is pin the caller shortcut to the panel. To bash that, permission Google Docs unfastened and two-finger pat the icon successful the panel. Select Pin (Figure C) and the shortcut volition stay connected your panel.

Figure C


Pinning the shortcut to the sheet for casual access.

Why you should download Google Docs to your Chromebook

As I've already mentioned, moving Google Docs successful its ain model tin assistance easiness a spot of clutter successful your web browser. But there's different crushed I similar to enactment with Docs this way. Given that I walk truthful overmuch clip going successful and retired of docs, I request to beryllium capable to entree the exertion rapidly and with small effort. So alternatively of opening Chrome and past either clicking a bookmark oregon typing retired the URL, I tin simply click that Docs launcher and I'm acceptable to go. That's the level of ratio I request erstwhile I'm moving connected the spell oregon successful the cloud. 

Hopefully, moving with Google Docs successful this mode volition assistance you beryllium much productive connected your Chromebook.

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