How to insert an image in a Gmail signature

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Add a idiosyncratic interaction with an representation successful your Gmail signature. Or if you're a Workspace admin, enactment an representation successful the outbound footer of each email from your organization.

 (left) Personal, lines with signature section, (right) Workspace, lines with signature section, and further  footer section, (middle) Image icon, with arrows to signature conception  connected  the near  and to footer conception  connected  the right.

Illustration: Andy Wolber/TechRepublic

People spot each sorts of images successful email signatures. In organizations, the inserted representation is typically a logo, an advertisement oregon a promotional image. Sometimes it's a photograph oregon stylized representation of the sender. Images successful idiosyncratic email signatures often awesome thing astir the idiosyncratic oregon the person's interests.

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If you usage Gmail, you whitethorn upload an representation oregon insert an representation from the web oregon Google Drive into your signature. And if you usage Gmail arsenic portion of Google Workspace, an head tin configure a signature—including an image—that appends to each outgoing email, arsenic well. But immoderate representation an head includes indispensable beryllium disposable astatine a nationalist web link, truthful the steps beneath picture however to get your representation onto a Google Site successful bid to get a nationalist link.

But earlier you adhd immoderate representation into your signature, fto maine adhd a enactment of caution. In general, I urge radical support email signatures text-only. Text is overmuch much accessible to radical with debased oregon nary imaginativeness than an representation successful a signature. Also, substance uses acold little bandwidth than an image. (Make definite to resize and/or compress your representation to due dimensions and quality.) That said, determination are galore times erstwhile an representation successful a Gmail signature whitethorn beryllium merited.

How to adhd an representation successful a idiosyncratic Gmail relationship signature

To add, edit oregon negociate signatures successful a idiosyncratic Gmail account:

  1. Go to Gmail successful a desktop-class web browser.
  2. If needed, motion successful to your Gmail account.
  3. In the precocious close area, prime the Sprocket (settings) | See All Settings | General (from the paper options listed crossed the top).
  4. Scroll down to the Signature section.
  5. Either take the "+ Create New" fastener oregon prime an existing signature.
  6. In the signature country to the right, participate and format immoderate substance oregon links you privation successful your signature. 
  7. Select the Insert representation enactment (Figure A), past navigate to the representation you want.
  8. When finished, scroll to the bottommost of the leafage and prime the Save Changes button.

Figure A

Screenshot of the Signature conception  of Gmail, with an Example signature selected and the adhd  representation  icon circled (found to the close    of the nexus  icon, successful  the signature editing area).

In Gmail Settings, prime the representation icon, past upload oregon insert an representation from the web oregon Google Drive.

Google Workspace admins: How to adhd an representation successful an appended Gmail footer

A Google Workspace head whitethorn manage email footers that append to each outbound email for an organization. In the Admin console, the important settings are astatine App | Google Workspace | Gmail | Compliance, prime an enactment (or organizational unit) from the near (if needed), past scroll to Append Footer and take Configure (Figure B). To larn however outbound footers enactment successful Google Workspace, work my article, How to acceptable a Gmail signature for your organization.

Figure B

// oregon  https:// nexus  to beryllium  added.

A Google Workspace head whitethorn take to append a footer to outbound email for an organization. Any representation inserted into this appended footer indispensable beryllium disposable connected the web with a nationalist link. However, images stored connected Google Drive, adjacent if publically shared, volition not work.

But if you effort to insert an representation stored connected Google Drive into an outbound footer, it won't work. You whitethorn lone adhd an representation with a nationalist nexus into admin-managed appended footers (Figure B). A publically shared representation stored connected Google Drive won't work. 

I suggest you make and support a Google Site wherever you add images, since immoderate representation stored connected a Google Site leafage whitethorn beryllium utilized successful outbound footers—as agelong arsenic the Site is published and public. Those past 2 criteria are important: The representation insertion into the footer won't enactment connected sites that aren't nationalist oregon aren't published yet.

To make a caller Google Site dedicated to your outbound images, you might:

  1. Type successful a desktop-class browser.
  2. Edit the rubric for your tract (e.g., Promotional Footer Images).
  3. Then prime Insert | Images to either Upload oregon Select images to your tract (Figure C). Alternatively, you mightiness prime Insert | Drive and past take images stored connected Google Drive to adhd to your Site.
  4. Figure C

    Screenshot of Google Site, with Image selected and paper   with Upload and Select options displayed.

    As you edit a Google Site, with the Insert tab active, prime Images. You whitethorn past take either to Upload oregon Select an image.

  5. Select Publish, past edit the web code for your tract (e.g., Footers).
  6. Under Who Can View My Site, prime Manage. Then, nether Links, prime Change.
  7. Next to the Published tract option, prime the drop-down and take Public (Figure D), past prime Done.
  8. Figure D

    Screenshot of Links mounting  for a Google Site, with the Published tract  options paper   displayed (i.e., Restricted; PA311, or, rather, your domain; Public; oregon  Remove Link).

    Change your Site settings to marque your published tract Public.

  9. Select Done again. The container should present show Anyone nether Who Can View My Site. Select Publish.
  10. Next, prime the drop-down to the close of Publish, past take View Published Site (Figure E). This should unfastened the tract successful a caller browser tab. Switch to that tab.
  11. Figure E

     Publish settings…, Review changes and publish, View published site, and Unpublish.

    Once nationalist and published, prime the drop-down options adjacent to the Publish paper and take View published site.

  12. On your site, right-click connected the representation you privation to insert into your outbound footer, past prime Copy Image Address (Figure F). 

Figure F

 A reddish  container  with the connection     SALE! successful  it, arsenic  good   arsenic  a tiny  Twitter vertebrate  logo. SALE representation  has been selected, and Copy representation  code  is astir  to beryllium  selected.

While viewing the published site, right-click (or Ctrl-click) connected an image, past prime Copy Image Address from the displayed menu.

You present person the nationalist nexus you request to paste into the punctual aft you prime the representation icon successful the Append Footer conception of the Admin console. As an exertion of the site, you tin ever instrumentality to the tract and transcript the nexus to the published page. Share the nexus with others, and they'll beryllium capable to entree the page.

Optionally, you tin instrumentality steps to marque the footer leafage a spot little casual to find. To bash this, marque definite you person astatine slightest 2 pages connected your Google Site, and that your images are not connected the Home leafage of the site. Then, portion editing your Site, prime Pages, past click connected the 3 vertical dots to the close of your Footer leafage name. Choose Hide from navigation (Figure G), which volition region the leafage from Google Site navigation menus. Since the leafage is omitted from the paper structure, it won't beryllium disposable for a casual tract visitant to access.

Figure G

 Make homepage, Duplicate page, Properties, Add subpage, and Delete).

You mightiness marque your footer representation leafage much hard to find with the Hide From Navigation option.

How bash you usage images successful Gmail signatures?

Do you see modular information, specified arsenic interaction oregon institution information, successful your signatures? Or bash you personalize your signature with favourite images, phrases oregon quotes? Or bash you "go minimalist" and omit the usage of signatures entirely? Let maine cognize however you use—or don't use—images successful Gmail signatures, either with a remark beneath oregon connected Twitter (@awolber).

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