How to fix the "too many redirects" error in Microsoft 365

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A planetary admin successful Microsoft 365 cannot alteration their ain idiosyncratic roles to hole a communal mistake successful the service. However, with a small trickery, we tin flooded that regularisation and marque the fix.


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One of the much convenient characteristics of Microsoft 365 is that you tin entree your Outlook email, calendar and contacts database online from immoderate instrumentality utilizing your web browser and login credentials. However, entree to this convenient diagnostic tin sometimes beryllium blocked by a notoriously cryptic occupation known arsenic the "too galore redirects" error. When you oregon 1 of your users spot this server mistake (500), entree to Outlook online is blocked careless of the device.

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When you execute an net hunt connected the "too galore redirects" mistake regarding Outlook, you volition get a multitude of seemingly random answers to the problem, but don't beryllium led astray. The solution is elemental and straightforward: The idiosyncratic has excessively galore listed roles successful their Microsoft 365 profile. A tweak to the idiosyncratic roles configuration by the planetary head volition hole the problem—with 1 exception.

If your Microsoft 365 subscription lone has 1 user, you cannot hole the occupation straight due to the fact that a planetary admin cannot negociate their ain idiosyncratic roles. We person to instrumentality Microsoft 365 into allowing the indispensable changes.

How to hole the "too galore redirects" mistake successful Microsoft 365

First, a speedy mentation of however the "too galore redirects" mistake was created. Put simply, excessively galore roles person systematically been fixed to the user.

Microsoft, to its credit, keeps improving Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) with caller applications and caller features. If you person been a long-time subscriber to the service, past you person seen galore iterations of the productivity suite implicit the years. However, during that time, without your cognition oregon input, your idiosyncratic roles person been modified, moved, added to and subtracted from. This fig of changes creates an excessive magnitude of redundant idiosyncratic roles. No 1 granted those roles; they were conscionable near arsenic portion of your bequest configurations.

(In my case, I had implicit 60 abstracted roles listed, erstwhile the lone 1 I ever gave myself and the lone 1 I ever needed was planetary administrator.)

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Under mean conditions, to hole the "too galore redirects" problem, log successful to Microsoft 365 online utilizing your planetary head credentials. Using the left-hand navigation bar, click the Admin icon to scope the Microsoft 365 admin halfway dashboard, arsenic shown successful Figure A.

Figure A


Click the Edit a User button, hunt for the idiosyncratic successful question, and past edit the idiosyncratic to hole the problem, arsenic shown successful Figure B. Scroll down to the Roles conception and click the Manage Roles link.

Figure B


Generally, you volition privation to prime lone the appropriate, highest-level roles for each user. For example, the planetary head conscionable needs 1 checkmark to beryllium granted each their indispensable roles. Each idiosyncratic relation underneath planetary head does not request to beryllium checked disconnected arsenic well.

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The hole is elemental unless you are the lone Microsoft 365 user. In that case, you are not allowed to marque changes to your ain idiosyncratic roles (Figure C), truthful we indispensable execute a tiny trick.

Figure C


From the Microsoft 365 admin center, click the Add User fastener and make a impermanent planetary admin, arsenic shown successful Figure D.

Figure D


The adjacent surface is cardinal to this process. On the merchandise licence screen, beryllium definite to prime the Create a User Without a License button, arsenic shown successful Figure E. This volition forestall you from incurring a 2nd subscription fee.

Figure E


When you click the Next button, you volition beryllium taken to the optional settings surface wherever you tin springiness your caller impermanent idiosyncratic planetary admin rights (Figure F).

Figure F


Click Next and past click the Finish Adding fastener to implicit the process.

Now, you tin log retired of your troublesome idiosyncratic relationship and log backmost successful utilizing your impermanent account. As a planetary administrator, that impermanent relationship tin marque the due changes to your superior idiosyncratic account, changing the idiosyncratic roles to destruct each the redundancies from before.

When the changes are complete, log retired of the impermanent idiosyncratic and log backmost successful arsenic the superior user, wherever you tin delete the impermanent account, if you wish.

With the roles reduced from dozens of redundant and interrelated idiosyncratic roles to conscionable 1 oregon two, the "too galore redirects" occupation volition beryllium eliminated, and you volition erstwhile again beryllium capable to entree Outlook and the different online Microsoft 365 apps from immoderate instrumentality utilizing a web browser.

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