How to configure Invoice Plane for in-app invoice mailing

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InvoicePlane is simply a almighty open-source invoicing instrumentality perfectly suited for small-business information centers. Jack Wallen shows you however to adhd invoice emailing to the application.


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Recently I walked you done the process of deploying InvoicePlane to an on-premise information halfway (see Deploy this almighty open-source invoicing strategy to your information center). Since then, that instrumentality has go the go-to for each of my invoicing needs. It makes it precise casual for you to make a lawsuit list, products/services, and make professional-quality invoices to nonstop to those for whom you supply service.

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Since my archetypal setup, I was generating invoices, downloading them to my section machine, and past emailing them to the indispensable contacts. I decided I wanted to chopped retired the mediate antheral and email them straight from Invoice Plane. Fortunately, the developers added that diagnostic to the application.

I'm going to amusement you however to configure Invoice Plane to usage Google's Gmail SMTP servers with Invoice Plane. Once you person this up and running, it's conscionable a substance of sending the invoices from wrong the app, thereby cutting retired a step. At the extremity of the day, you'll beryllium gladsome for that simplified process.

What you'll need

To marque this work, you'll request 2 things:

  • A moving lawsuit of InvoicePlane that tin scope the internet.
  • A Google Account.

If you don't privation to opt to spell the Google way for SMTP, you tin either acceptable up your Invoice Plane lawsuit to besides enactment arsenic an SMTP server oregon you tin opt to usage an interior SMTP server that resides wrong your information center. For the involvement of simplicity, I'll show utilizing Google's SMTP servers.

How to make a Google app password 

If you usage multi-factor authentication with your Google relationship (and you should), you'll request to make an app password. To bash that, spell to the Google App Password site. From the Select App drop-down (Figure A), prime Email. From the Select Device drop-down, prime Other and past springiness it the sanction Invoice Plane. Click Generate and marque definite to transcript the 16 quality password.

Figure A


Creating a Google App Password.

How to configure SMTP with InvoicePlane

With your app password astatine the ready, log into Invoice Plane arsenic an admin idiosyncratic and click the Gear icon successful the precocious close country of the window. In the resulting window, click the Email tab and prime SMTP from the options. You'll past request to capable retired each of the required accusation for the SMTP server (Figure B). When utilizing Google's SMTP server, present are the details:

  • SMTP Server Address:
  • SMTP Sender Address for strategy emails:
  • Requires authentication: yes
  • SMTP Username: Your Gmail address
  • SMTP Password: Your generated app password
  • SMTP Port: 587
  • Security: TLS
  • Verify SMTP certificates: No

Figure B


Entering the SMTP details for Invoice Plane.

Click Save astatine the apical close country of the model and you're each acceptable up to nonstop email.

How to nonstop an invoice from wrong the app

Select an invoice from Invoices | View Invoices. Click the associated Options fastener and past click Send Email (Figure C).

Figure C


Sending an invoice from wrong Invoice Plane.

This enactment volition unfastened a template that you tin customize for the email (Figure D). 

Figure D


The invoice email template that you tin customize earlier sending.

Once you've customized the email to your liking, click Send and the invoice volition beryllium delivered to your client. All you person to bash present is hold for them to remit payment.

Enjoy this newfound (and simpler) workflow with InvoicePlane. If you're a engaged freelancer oregon tiny concern similar me, this exertion should precise overmuch beryllium connected your radar. Get it up and running, truthful you tin instrumentality power of managing your invoices.

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