How to activate Google Assistant from the power button in Android 12

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With the latest merchandise of Android, determination are adjacent much ways to unfastened Google Assistant. Jack Wallen shows you however to crook a long-press of the powerfulness fastener into 1 specified method.


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Android 12 is astir present and the verdict (at slightest from yours truly) is overwhelmingly positive. With Material You and a slew of caller features and optimizations, the latest iteration has plentifulness to connection each benignant of user.

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One caller diagnostic makes it adjacent easier to activate Google Assistant. This caller enactment is simply a large fallback erstwhile the dependable activation fails you oregon if (like me) you person respective Android devices astir and you don't privation to telephone retired "Hey, Google," lone to person each instrumentality admit the blistery connection and await further input. Another lawsuit this caller method tin beryllium of usage is erstwhile you're successful a noisy situation and Android isn't responding to dependable commands.

Either way, you person options and with Android 12, and 1 of those options is to representation a long-press of the powerfulness fastener to motorboat Google Assistant. Let maine amusement you however to alteration this feature.

What you'll need

To marque this work, you'll request a instrumentality moving Android 12. Since the last mentation of 12 isn't out, you tin ever opt to articulation the beta program. To find retired however to articulation the Android 12 Beta program, work "How to get the Android 12 beta."

That's each you need. Let's alteration this caller feature.

How to representation the powerfulness fastener to Google Assistant successful Android 12

To representation the powerfulness fastener to Google Assistant, swipe the Notification Shade down doubly and pat the cogwheel icon to unfastened the Settings window. In Settings, scroll down and pat System. From wrong the System menu, pat Gestures. 

In Gestures, find and pat Press and Hold Power Button (Figure A).

Figure A


The Gestures conception of the Settings model successful Android 12.

In the resulting model (Figure B), pat the On/Off slider associated with Hold for Assistant until it's successful the On position.

Figure B


Enabling the powerfulness fastener to motorboat Google Assistant successful Android 12.

Once you've done that, backmost retired of Settings and past long-press the powerfulness button. This volition bring up a caller surface (Figure C) which volition pass you of the change. This volition besides instruct you however to powerfulness disconnected your device, which is done by saying "Power off," erstwhile Google Assistant is open. If you privation to restart your phone, unfastened Google Assistant and accidental "restart."

Figure C


The accusation model volition assistance you recognize however to interact with the caller feature.

And that's each determination is to mapping Google Assistant to the powerfulness fastener connected your device. This caller enactment won't beryllium for everyone, but for those that similar to person much options for opening Google Assistant, this is simply a large addition.

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