How Panthers helped with Pangai's heartbreak

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Tevita Pangai Jr has praised Penrith Panthers manager Ivan Cleary for his compassion aft his partner's tragic stillbirth 24 weeks into her pregnancy.

Speaking conscionable weeks aft the mates held a ceremonial for their girl Georgia, Pangai Jr opened up astir however helium has dealt with the heartbreak, urging fans to amusement compassion.

"Especially for my spouse it's been tough, but I'm trying to beryllium determination arsenic overmuch arsenic I can," helium told 9News Sydney. "It hits maine [hard]."

"At the extremity of the day, radical look astatine america arsenic overpaid footy players and entitled, but we're conscionable arsenic quality arsenic the nationalist are."

Pangai Jr looked to the heavens aft scoring a effort for Penrith pursuing his daughter's stillbirth (Getty)

Pangai Jr had been astatine grooming erstwhile helium was told the horrific quality and instantly broke down earlier leaving headdress to beryllium by his partner's broadside successful hospital.

The 25-year-old was ruled retired of what would've been his debut lucifer for Penrith owed to what was described astatine the clip arsenic "a profoundly idiosyncratic and delicate matter", and Pangai Jr praised Cleary for his connection to him astatine the time.

"Ivan conscionable said, 'Take arsenic overmuch clip arsenic you privation disconnected and beryllium with your partner'," helium said.

"I thought I could play connected that week, but helium was truly supportive and evidently he's got kids of his ain and he's truly family-orientated."

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