How Bennett failed Latrell in Roosters blow-up

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Wayne Bennett is arguably the champion man-manager successful the crippled - but helium got it precise incorrect successful Friday night's fiery Rabbitohs v Roosters clash.

In the astir spiteful crippled of the year, a dreadful tackle by Souths superstar Latrell Mitchell shattered Joey Manu's cheekbone, ending his season.

Mitchell got sin binned erstwhile helium should intelligibly got sent off - and erstwhile helium returned to the tract the crippled became a bitter, aggravated affair.

There were inexpensive shots, sledges and flare-ups - overmuch of it due to the fact that Mitchell had mislaid his cool.

He scored a effort and past slam-dunked the shot onto the turf successful a belligerent mode and kept carrying connected similar an aggravated man.

And this is wherever Bennett stuffed up - helium should person taken Latrell disconnected the tract erstwhile it was evident helium had mislaid his composure.

The Rabbitohs were a mile successful beforehand of the wounded Roosters and determination was nary request for him to enactment connected the paddock and excavation himself into a deeper spread successful the eyes of the public.

Had Bennett hooked his prima fullback, galore of the disfigured scenes we saw successful the last 15 minutes would person been avoided.

Joey Manu suffered a suspected facial fracture aft a large deed from Latrell Mitchell. (Getty)


The Knights are present definite finalists pursuing their last-gasp triumph implicit the Titans - but they request to beryllium overmuch amended to lucifer the premiership's large guns.

For overmuch of the 80 minutes, the Knights struggled for continuity and their onslaught was clumsy and retired of synch.

But truthful agelong arsenic they person the guys I person dubbed 'The Two Ps' - Ponga and Pearce - the Knights person the onslaught powerfulness to beryllium a threat.

The brace were the shining lights successful the hard-fought triumph - without them the Knights would person struggled to people a point.

Ponga is simply a genuine superstar who tin people a effort retired of thing - arsenic helium did connected Thursday nighttime - and Pearce remains 1 of the NRL's champion fig sevens.

Ponga brilliance proving hard for Knights to contain. (Getty)


The subordinate I'm happiest for aft the play is small Cowboys fig 7 Tom Dearden.

Dearden's assurance would person been astatine stone bottommost aft 25 consecutive losses implicit 3 seasons arsenic a starting halfback astatine the Broncos and present Cowboys.

But the youngster produced a antheral of the lucifer show to interruption his agelong losing streak successful the Cowboys' awesome triumph implicit the hapless Dragons.

Dearden scored 1 try, laid connected respective others and came up with immoderate large plays successful defence successful a show that would person seen him smiling for the archetypal clip successful a agelong time.

NRL Highlights: The Cowboys drawback their losing streak with a triumph implicit the Dragons - Round 24


There are fewer amended clubmen successful the NRL than Raiders inferior backmost Jordan Rapana.

In a must-win crippled against the Warriors connected Friday night, Rapana proved the difference.

A noted effort poacher, helium scored the decisive effort precocious successful the Raiders' unconvincing 28-16 win.

Throw successful 225 moving metres, a effort assistance and 4 goals arsenic fill-in kicker, and it's casual to spot wherefore the under-rated flyer is truthful fashionable with fans successful the ACT.

An elated Jordan Rapana aft scoring a try. (Getty)


Two seasoned playmakers seemingly returned from the wilderness with their champion displays successful caller representation successful the breathtaking Sharks - Broncos clash.

Much-maligned Broncos cardinal dollar antheral Anthony Milford, who was bully the erstwhile week, took his crippled to different level and was the astir unsafe subordinate connected the park.

He showed the benignant of signifier that made the Broncos ammunition retired monolithic dollars to motion him from Canberra years agone and astir got the young Broncos home.

But immoderate touches of people from his opposite, Matt Moylan, ensured the Sharks took the points.

Moylan - similar Milford the brunt of overmuch disapproval successful caller years - started connected the seat and wasn't rather arsenic spectacular arsenic the Broncos ace.

But 2 oregon 3 touches of people from Moylan proved the quality arsenic the Sharks hung connected for a captious 24-16 win.

Anthony Milford of the Broncos during his side's nonaccomplishment to Melbourne Storm astatine Suncorp Stadium. (Getty)


There were immoderate brainsick scores implicit the play - nary moreso than Parramatta's stunning upset implicit the Storm instrumentality connected Saturday night.

The Storm went into the crippled arsenic unbackable favourites and the nonaccomplishment ended a tally of 30 consecutive wins northbound of the NSW-Queensland border.

Parra were large crossed the parkland but the effort that decided the effect came from an improbable root - hooker Joey Lussick.

The effort was Lussick's archetypal successful the NRL for 4 years - and it was 1 helium volition ne'er forget, ending the Storm's historical 19-match winning streak.

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