House Republicans Blasted For Complaining About Biden Not Knowing The Exact Number Of Americans In Afghanistan

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House Republicans complained that Biden didn’t cognize the precise fig of Americans successful Afghanistan and were instantly blasted.

Video of the GOP’s complaint:

President Biden's National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan admitted this greeting that the Biden Administration can't get "a precise count" of Americans who volition beryllium near down successful Afghanistan. Let that descend in.


The Backlash Against House Republicans Is Intense

The US authorities does not necessitate Americans to registry their overseas travel, truthful however could they travel up with a count?


Josh Marshall tweeted:

Let this descend in. In nary state are US citizens required to registered with the section US Embassy. The US authorities ne'er has a "precise count" of US citizens successful a fixed country, particularly not during a wide evacuation. Let that descend in, arsenic this relationship says.


The Republican Hypocrisy:

MAGA: "I won't get vaccinated due to the fact that it injects a microchip which volition fto Biden way maine wherever I go!" Also MAGA: "Why doesn't Biden cognize the precise determination of each azygous U.S. national astatine each infinitesimal everyplace successful the world?"


Republicans Say Vaccines Infringe On Personal Freedom, But Also Want The US To Track The Travel Of Every American

Republicans who garbage to get the COVID vaccine due to the fact that of state are present demanding that the state to question privately beryllium taken distant from each American. The vaccine is Big Brother, but existent authorities monitoring of each American’s question is good with them.

House Republicans are truthful hopeless to people inexpensive governmental points connected thing that they propulsion ideological consistency retired the window.

Republicans lone worth state erstwhile it is their state to bash immoderate they want. The GOP is simply a mishmash of knee-jerk reactions, and they merit to beryllium blasted for specified a blatant and utterly clueless politicization of an evacuation.

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