Hive Mini smart thermostat coming in early 2022 for £119

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(Pocket-lint) - Hive, from British Gas, has introduced a smart thermostat called Hive Mini Thermostat.

Pitched arsenic a cheaper alternate to the Hive Thermostat, the Hive Mini volition outgo conscionable £119. It features geolocation technology, truthful it tin archer whether you've near the heating connected erstwhile you're retired of the location and volition notify you to unopen it off, perchance helping you conserve vigor and prevention money. 

You tin acceptable up and power the Hive Mini with the Hive app, utilizing it to bash things specified arsenic make schedules and input people temperatures and toggle betwixt heating and blistery h2o modes. There is adjacent a Frost Protection mode that turns the heating connected erstwhile the somesthesia dips beneath a definite threshold truthful the pipes successful your location don't frost and burst.

The Hive app besides lets you link different Hive devices to Hive Mini.

The Hive Mini pairs with the Hive Contact Sensor, for instance, which tin crook disconnected your heating erstwhile you adjacent the beforehand door. The thought is, with Hive Mini, you tin commencement to amended recognize your energy usage. If you determine to get the Hive subscription service, which costs £3.99 a month, you tin further entree an integrated fund tracker and a heating ratio monitor

And, yes, you tin adjacent power your Hive Mini with Google Assistant oregon Alexa.

If immoderate of this interests you, Hive said you tin registry here to beryllium notified astir erstwhile the Hive Mini Thermostat goes connected merchantability successful aboriginal 2022.

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