Cricket Australia reveals venue for fifth Ashes Test

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By Brett Graham and Chris de Silva

Cricket Australia has confirmed Hobart's Blundstone Arena volition big the 5th Ashes Test, aft Perth was stripped of the close to signifier the match.

It's the archetypal clip Hobart has hosted an Ashes match, arsenic good arsenic the archetypal clip a day-night Test volition beryllium played successful Tasmania.

Blundstone Arena has been fixed the motion for the day-night match, aft beating retired absorption from some Melbourne and Sydney, with the MCG and SCG keen to signifier a 2nd match.

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Melbourne volition big the accepted Boxing Day Test, followed by the SCG connected January 5-9, and Hobart connected January 14-18.

Steve Smith walks disconnected Blundstone Arena during Australia's Test lucifer against South Africa determination successful 2016 (Getty)

Perth was stripped of the close to big the lucifer earlier this period implicit the state's insistence that players, broadcast unit and officials would request to quarantine for 2 weeks pursuing the Sydney Test, making it intolerable for Optus Stadium to big the match.

"We are delighted to denote that Blundstone Arena successful Hobart volition beryllium hosting an Ashes Test lucifer for the archetypal clip and convey the Tasmanian Government for its support," CA CEO Nick Hockley said successful a statement.

"I would similar to convey each the States and Territories who took portion successful this process. The submissions we received were outstanding and we had nary uncertainty that each of the venues that took portion would person hosted a fantastic event.  

"There were a scope of considerations, including commercial, logistical and operational factors and connected the equilibrium of these, the CA committee agreed connected Blundstone Arena being the astir due venue to big the 5th Vodafone Men's Ashes Test.  

CA's determination comes contempt a beardown propulsion from the MCG to big a 2nd Ashes Test this summertime (Getty)

"We besides admit the postponement of the Australia and Afghanistan Test owed to instrumentality spot successful Hobart earlier successful the twelvemonth played a portion successful the decision."

Cricket Tasmania CEO, Dominic Baker, described the announcement arsenic "a large time not conscionable for Tasmanian cricket, but for Tasmania successful general".

"This volition beryllium without a uncertainty the biggest sporting lawsuit Tasmania has ever hosted," helium said.  

"While the circumstances that person led america to beryllium capable to person the accidental to big this Test are undoubtedly unique, we are thrilled that Tasmanians volition person this once-in-a-lifetime accidental to witnesser an Ashes Test successful their ain backyard.  

"Blundstone Arena is simply a world-class venue, and we are excited to enactment with Cricket Australia and the Ashes broadcast partners to amusement that to the world. As a one-sixth proprietor of Cricket Australia, we are thrilled that our state's publication to Australian cricket has been recognised successful this way."

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