GTA: The Trilogy Definitive Edition gets 11 November release date

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(Pocket-lint) - Rockstar hasn't waited agelong to springiness america much details connected its remastered trilogy of Grand Theft Auto games - firstly confirming that the bundle volition merchandise digitally connected 11 November 2021, and past giving america a clump of gameplay footage to descend our teeth into.

A large update to the trilogy's official website besides confirms that it'll outgo £55 oregon $60, arsenic good arsenic detailing immoderate of the enhancements that are coming to each 3 games successful the bundle. An seemingly constricted carnal merchandise volition travel connected 7 December.

Best of all, San Andreas - The Definitive Edition volition deed Xbox Game Pass connected release, portion GTA III – The Definitive Edition volition beryllium arriving connected PlayStation Now, giving gamers connected some sides of the aisle a accidental to effort the remasters out.

Massive upgrades to solution and textures are instantly evident from the trailer, arsenic are caller quality models that bash their champion to bespeak the somewhat cartoonish graphics that the archetypal games employed (getting much realistic arsenic they went).

Rockstar says each 3 games present bask modern power schemes successful the vein of GTA V, with amended targeting and gunplay, on with amended mini-maps and limb enactment wheels. Every constituent of the games' visuals has been overhauled, close down to upwind effects and all-new lighting.

You'll get much item successful the situation and mode longer gully distances. On PC this'll beryllium aided by Nvidia's DLSS tech, portion connected PS5 oregon Xbox Series X the games volition people 4K solution astatine 60 frames per 2nd for creaseless and crisp gameplay.

It's surely a mind-twister seeing the games successful motion, looking caller yet familiar, but precisely however good the creation styles blend with modern gameplay volition stay to beryllium seen erstwhile we tin get our hands connected them.

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