Grieving family wants justice

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CANTON, Miss. (WLBT) - Canton constabulary proceed the probe into Thursday night’s fatal shooting of a 42-year-old antheral and a 5-year-old boy.

Three radical are wanted successful transportation with the crime. As families mourn, Canton’s politician is taking measures to halt the violence.

A grieving parent is asking wherefore her lad was killed portion she was waiting to get gas. Catalina Romero was moving errands erstwhile a stray slug deed Jeison Romero Lopez successful the backmost spot of her suv.

“I was wrong my car trying to hold for a antheral to enactment successful his state truthful I could instrumentality my crook and enactment it in,” said Catalina Romero. “But past I heard 3 shots, I thought were fireworks.”

Romero’s husband, Lopez’s begetter is Esquio Mateo. He wants justness and a speedy apprehension of those responsible.

“My lad was conscionable a small saint,” said Mateo. “He did thing wrong. He was conscionable successful the incorrect spot successful the incorrect time.”

The small lad would person turned six connected September 15.

Also killed successful that shooting was 42-year-old Tracy Wilder. He was moving connected a car connected Franklin Street erstwhile constabulary accidental 3 men opened fire. Canton Mayor William Truly is imposing a curfew for minors starting Friday night.

“You extremity up punishing kids who are not weapon carriers,” said Truly. “You extremity up punishing kids who are bully instrumentality abiding citizens. But sometimes you person to bash what is for the greater bully of the community”.

The politician said the curfew volition beryllium successful effect for 2 weeks.

The parents of the kid are asking for assistance with his burial. They accidental Breeland Funeral Home successful Canton is handling the arrangements.

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