Greg Abbott Tells Rape Victims Not To Worry About Abortion Because He’s Getting Rid Of All The Rapists

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Gov. Greg Abbott’s solution to rape victims being denied an termination successful Texas is to committedness to get escaped of each the rapists.


Reporter: Why unit a rape oregon incest unfortunate to transportation a gestation to term? Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX): "It doesn't necessitate that astatine all, due to the fact that evidently it provides astatine slightest 6 weeks for a idiosyncratic to beryllium capable to get an abortion."


Abbott said erstwhile asked astir rape victims being forced to transportation a gestation to word successful Texas, “It doesn’t necessitate that astatine each due to the fact that obviously, it provides astatine slightest six weeks for a idiosyncratic to get an abortion. That said, however, let’s marque thing clear. Rape is simply a crime, and Texas volition enactment tirelessly to marque definite that we destruct each rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going retired and arresting them and prosecuting them.”

Instead of letting women marque their ain healthcare decisions, Greg Abbott is going to get escaped of each of the rapists.

Easy Peasy. Problem solved.

Rape is 1 of the underreported crimes successful the world, and that means that a batch of rapists are not caught, truthful however precisely is Gov. Abbott going to get rapists disconnected of the streets of Texas if helium doesn’t cognize who the rapists are?

Wouldn’t it beryllium easier to dainty women arsenic adjacent quality beings and let them to person power implicit their ain bodies without the authorities infringing connected their astir idiosyncratic liberties?

Greg Abbott has nary answers.

He knows that the Texas termination instrumentality is simply a rapist measure of rights, and helium doesn’t attraction however galore rapists get to power their victims’ lives done a kid conceived done a heinous transgression act.

Greg Abbott doesn’t attraction astir rape victims, and his cartoonish and nonsensical reply means that rapists person escaped reign successful Texas.

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