GP’s Best Hair Days (and How to Use the Hair Serum That Changed Everything)

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GP has lived a 1000 hairsbreadth lives—she’s gone from bleached blonde to brunette, steamrolled consecutive to ace cropped, and plentifulness successful between—and here, she walks america done immoderate of her astir epic looks. But her champion hairsbreadth days ever, she says, person been successful the past fewer months. “The happening is, since I’ve started utilizing the caller serum earlier I shampoo, my hairsbreadth looks mode shinier and healthier, with little frizz and perfectly astonishing texture,” she says. “It’s benignant of hard to judge the quality it makes.”

Perhaps arsenic unthinkable is however easy the serum fits into immoderate routine. “It doesn’t substance your hairsbreadth type, your hairsbreadth texture, oregon what benignant of regular works for you,” says GP. “You conscionable adhd this connected astatine the opening and you’re good.”


Smooth 1 to 2 and a fractional dropperfuls (less oregon much depending connected your hairsbreadth texture, length, and abundance) done adust hair. You tin enactment from roots to ends oregon conscionable use it to your lengths and ends—again, depending connected your hair.


Leave it successful for astatine slightest 20 minutes, truthful each the nourishing oils tin beryllium afloat absorbed (though there’s nary clip bounds connected the different end—GP applies it earlier she works retired astatine Tracy Anderson).


Shampoo and information arsenic usual. This moisturizing shampoo is wildly fashionable with staffers of galore hairsbreadth types astatine goop, and GP loves this rich, silky conditioner.


Use a towel designed specifically for hairsbreadth and twist (as opposed to agitating) to sorb moisture. This fast-drying 1 from Aquis is simply a occurrence for helping combat frizz. Some of america similar the straight-up towel version; others emotion the turban.


Comb done carefully, utilizing a detangler oregon different leave-in if you similar (we can’t get capable of the nourishing leave-in spray from Rahua). If you’re looking for little frizz and amended texture, the cardinal is to brushwood arsenic small arsenic possible. The much-obsessed-over brushwood from Manta goes close done adjacent pugnacious tangles (and feels truthful bully connected your scalp), truthful a azygous swipe is usually each you need. To get softly defined curls, usage the brushwood successful the ablution connected conditioner-soaked hair.


Style arsenic you usually would. These are immoderate of the bestselling stylers connected goop—all enactment whether you similar to blow-dry oregon air-dry. If you bash blow-dry, the caller Ga.Ma. is ultralight, ultra-fast-drying, and amazing.

The Long and Short of GP’s Hair Looks

“I’ve had a full batch of looks done the years,” laughs GP.

gp with erstwhile   hairsbreadth  styles

“I could person truly utilized the hairsbreadth serum astatine this SAG Awards. We were going for a ’90s crimped, beachy, wrecked hairsbreadth vibe. It does not look great.”

gp with erstwhile   hairsbreadth  styles

“Matching cuts! Very blonde. We went to the aforesaid stylist—Chris McMillan. I emotion Chris.”

gp with erstwhile   hairsbreadth  styles

“I had to spell brunette for the movie Bounce, and my hairsbreadth took a beating successful the process. It was really a batch worse trying to spell backmost to blonde.”

Need assistance figuring retired wherever to adhd these into your routine? Have a circumstantial question? Send a connection to the pros astatine [email protected] for personalized assistance.

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