Government IT spending set to increase in the face of COVID-19-driven digital transformation

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Gartner predicts a 6.5% increase, with 64% of budgets going toward improving responsiveness and resilience of IT services and software.


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Governments astir the satellite are expected to summation their IT budgets by 6.5% successful 2022, and 64% of wide spending volition spell toward "IT services and bundle to amended responsiveness and resilience of nationalist services," Gartner's latest forecasting found.

Gartner's data suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic whitethorn beryllium the impetus for galore a caller authorities integer translation strategy successful the years to come, with the institution besides predicting that much than 50% of authorities agencies volition person modernized bequest bundle and improved their resilience by 2025. 

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"Governments volition proceed to accelerate investments successful integer technologies to respond and retrieve from the continuing improvement of nationalist wellness uncertainties owed to the COVID-19 pandemic," said Irma Fabular, probe vice president astatine Gartner.

Modernization of infrastructure and applications aren't the lone areas that Gartner predicts governments volition accelerate spending successful acknowledgment to the pandemic. "Funding connected integer enablement, including enactment for sustainable growth, societal programs, education, cybersecurity and integer inclusion" volition spot increases acknowledgment to COVID-19 economical assistance programs.

Gartner predicts that national integer individuality initiatives volition beryllium a captious portion of broader authorities integer transformation. Citizen integer identities instrumentality respective antithetic forms, but each person the aforesaid goal: Provide secure, reliable integer entree to authorities services. 

In a blog station connected the topic, Gartner said that respective countries successful Europe, similar France, Norway and Sweden, person already had occurrence with integer national IDs, but that occurrence has been patchy elsewhere. "Countries specified arsenic Australia, Germany oregon the U.S. person agelong tried to found a system, but person not succeeded for reasons that often revolve astir an overly bureaucratic culture, which leads to an underperforming lawsuit experience," said Gartner elder main expert Arthur Mickoleit. 

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With immoderate inaugural arsenic transformative arsenic integer national identities, governments person to beryllium cautious with however they attack the subject: Most radical don't spot large tech businesses with their backstage data, and fears implicit authorities absorption are definite to be, astatine the precise least, comparable successful scale. Regardless of however citizens feel, Gartner is predicting that integer national identities are going to go much prevalent successful the years to come.

"Digital individuality is moving beyond authenticating citizens online and signing distant transactions," said Fabular. "To rise the chances for greater adoption of integer identity, governments indispensable dainty privacy, information and idiosyncratic convenience arsenic captious occurrence factors." 

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