Gov. Tate Reeves Crumbles As Jake Tapper Confronts Him With Mississippi’s US Leading COVID Death Rate

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Gov. Tate Reeves (R-MS) didn’t person an reply arsenic CNN’s Jake Tapper confronted him implicit and implicit again astir his state’s COVID decease rate.


Gov. Tate Reeves (R-MS) says helium is not going to alteration thing arsenic Jake Tapper presses him connected Mississippi having the highest COVID decease complaint successful the US. (Reeves is the aforesaid politician who sold the upside of COVID arsenic radical get to spell to heaven.)

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 19, 2021

Transcript via CNN:

TAPPER Are you going to alteration anything?


REEVES: That’s conscionable not true. That is not a fact.

TAPPER: I understand. I understand. But you’re — you’re…

REEVES That is conscionable not true.

And truthful what you’re going to see…

TAPPER: Mr. Governor, my constituent is this.

REEVES: What you’re going to see, Jake, is the…

TAPPER: You comparison yourself to Israel. Israel has thing similar the…

REEVES: … Delta variant is going to proceed to determination astir the country.


REEVES And you’re going to spot fatalities emergence successful different states.

And truthful here’s what we request to absorption on, Jake, OK? Let’s absorption connected this.

TAPPER: But my question is, what are you going to bash to change…

REEVES The champion mode successful which America…

TAPPER: What are you going to bash to alteration this?

REEVES The champion mode that Americans — the champion mode — the champion happening for Americans to bash to support themselves from the microorganism — and, again, we judge successful idiosyncratic responsibility.

Individual Americans and idiosyncratic Mississippians…

TAPPER: So, you’re not going to alteration anything?

The Republican Policy Is To Kill People With COVID

Tate Reeves is the aforesaid politician who sold the upside of dying from COVID arsenic getting to spell to heaven, truthful it is not a daze that helium would person nary involvement successful enacting policies that would prevention lives.

Doing thing and sidesplitting radical with COVID is the Republican policy. Republicans are inactive pursuing the pb of Donald Trump, who did thing during the pandemic but making mendacious promises that COVID would beryllium going away.

Republicans aren’t going to assistance a digit to halt Americans from needlessly dying.

The interrogation with Gov. Reeves illustrates wherefore President Biden had nary different prime but to enforce a vaccine mandate wherever helium has the powerfulness and authorization to bash so.

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