Gotham Knights Re-Emerges At DC Fandome With A New Trailer

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Coming retired of the shadows erstwhile again is Gotham Knights, a co-op enactment RPG that puts players successful the shoes of assorted members of Batman's erstwhile sidekicks. In a caller story-focused trailer revealed astatine DC Fandome, the signifier is acceptable for WB Games Montreal's latest game.

Both Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon person failed as the protectors of Gotham, according to the Penguin, who narrates portion of the trailer. He says those 2 beacons of anticipation "never had a grip connected the city" and that Nightwing and the remainder of the inheritors of Batman's legacy, Batgirl, Robin, and the Red Hood, "don't basal a chance." He's referring to the chances of going up against a shadowy enactment known arsenic the Court of Owls, the seemingly intolerable grip they person implicit Gotham. No 1 talks astir the Court, yet they propulsion the strings of everything successful Gotham and are ever listening.

Check retired the trailer for a look astatine the deadly Talons the Gotham Knights volition person to spell up against. They scope from nimble deadly assassins to large, brutish bruisers, each looking to airs a unsocial occupation erstwhile players person to spell toe-to-toe with the organization. You'll besides get a consciousness of the gothic visuals of the Court and its members, bringing a creepy, cult-like code to the game.

Gotham Knights inactive does not person a merchandise date, but the showing astatine DC Fandome did re-affirm it volition beryllium retired successful 2022.

What did you deliberation of this caller look astatine Gotham Knights? Are they doing the Court of Owls communicative justness from what WB Games has shown? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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