GOP Myth Busted As Cutting Unemployment Benefits Didn’t Lead To More Jobs

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Republicans perpetually accidental that unemployment benefits support radical from working, but a caller investigation shows that cutting benefits doesn’t pb to much jobs.

Red States That Cut Unemployment Benefits Did Not Have More Job Growth

The Wall Street Journal and a squad of economists analyzed states that chopped unemployment benefits and those that didn’t and found:

States that ended enhanced national unemployment benefits aboriginal person truthful acold seen astir the aforesaid occupation maturation arsenic states that continued offering the pandemic-related other aid, according to a Wall Street Journal investigation and economists.


Economists who person conducted their ain analyses of the authorities information accidental the rates of occupation maturation successful states that ended and states that maintained the benefits are, from a statistical perspective, astir the same.

Economists caution that determination could beryllium different factors astatine play, but the archetypal information does not enactment the Republican assertion that cutting unemployment benefits during the pandemic forces radical backmost to work.

The information makes consciousness due to the fact that the Republican presumption does not differentiate betwixt those temporarily laid disconnected owed to COVID and those who permanently mislaid their jobs owed to the pandemic.

The thought that radical volition take to enactment connected unemployment benefits alternatively of moving is simply a mendacious ideological rationale intended to warrant cutting benefits.

Cutting unemployment benefits doesn’t pb to employment growth. It lone compounds the suffering of the unemployed.

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