Google Cloud announces new supply chain twin offering

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The latest merchandise immunodeficiency readying and decision-making by allowing organizations to physique integer representations of their proviso chains.


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Google Cloud announced Tuesday the motorboat of Supply Chain Twin truthful companies tin physique a integer representation, oregon integer twin, of their carnal proviso chain.

By orchestrating information from disparate sources companies tin execute a much implicit presumption of suppliers, inventories, and different accusation specified arsenic weather, risk, lawsuit sentiment and indirect supplier insight, said Hans Thalbauer, managing director, Global Supply Chain, Logistics & Transportation, Google Cloud. 

The Supply Chain Pulse module, besides announced Tuesday, tin beryllium utilized with Supply Chain Twin to supply real-time dashboards, precocious analytics, alerts connected captious issues similar imaginable disruptions, and collaboration successful Google Workspace. 

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"Siloed and incomplete information is limiting the visibility companies person into their proviso chains," Thalbauer said successful a property release. "The Supply Chain Twin enables customers to summation deeper insights into their operations, helping them optimize proviso concatenation functions—from sourcing and planning, to organisation and logistics."  

According to the 2017 BCI Supply Chain Resiliency Report, astir companies bash not person implicit visibility of their proviso chains, Google said. This results successful retail banal outs, aging manufacturing inventory, oregon weather-related disruptions. In 2020, the IHL Group reported that  out-of-stock items unsocial outgo the retail manufacture an estimated $1.14 trillion, Google said. Likewise, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted planetary proviso chains for the past 18 months with nary extremity successful sight. 

The Supply Chain Pulse module allows customers to:

  • Drill down into cardinal operational metrics utilizing show dashboards 

  • Set mobile alerts for cardinal metrics 

  • Trigger AI-driven recommendations successful effect to changing events, emblem much analyzable issues to the user, and simulate the interaction of hypothetical situations

Supply Chain Twin allows companies to bring unneurotic information from aggregate sources without accepted API-based integration. Google claims customers person experienced a 95% simplification successful analytics processing clip from 2.5 hours down to 8 minutes. 

Data types supported successful Supply Chain Twin include:

  • Enterprise concern systems specified arsenic endeavor assets readying

  • Supplier and spouse systems

  • Public sources specified arsenic weather, risk, oregon sustainability-related data, including nationalist datasets from Google

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"At Renault, we are innovating connected however we tally businesslike proviso chains. Improving visibility to inventory levels crossed our web is simply a cardinal initiative," said Jean-François Salles, proviso concatenation planetary vice president astatine Renault Group, successful a property release. "By aggregating inventory information from our suppliers and leveraging Google Cloud's spot successful organizing and orchestrating data, with solutions similar the Supply Chain Twin we expect to execute a holistic view. We purpose to enactment with Google tools to negociate some stock, amended forecasting, and yet optimise our fulfillment." 

Retailers, manufacturers, CPG firms, healthcare networks, and different logistics-heavy companies tin deploy Supply Chain Twin by moving straight with Google Cloud's spouse ecosystem including Deloitte, Pluto7, and TCS. Data partners specified arsenic Climate Engine, Craft, and Crux tin supply customers with geospatial, sustainability, and hazard absorption information sets for a much implicit macroenvironment view. Application partners specified arsenic Anaplan and project44 tin assistance customers amended recognize merchandise beingness cycles, way shipments crossed carriers, and foretell ETAs.

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