Chris Christie’s Book Flops And Sells Just 2,000 Copies

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Despite getting monolithic amounts of mainstream media attention, Chris Christie’s caller publication has sold lone 2,000 copies.

Eric Boehlert tweeted:

“How Christie was capable to merchantability truthful fewer books aft lining up truthful overmuch nationalist media attraction during his selling roll-out — “This Week” “The View,” “Fox & Friends,” on with Fox News, Fox Business, the Daily Show, HBO twice, and CNBC — represents an bonzer disconnect.”

— Eric Boehlert (@EricBoehlert) November 29, 2021

Christie was connected broadcast networks, all 3 cablegram networks, Sunday shows, HBO,  and adjacent got a primetime special, and nary of it helped him merchantability books. Chris Christie was everywhere, and the effect was that the American radical inactive didn’t similar him oregon attraction astir what helium had to say.

Chris Christie has ever been a mainstream media creation. He is what the firm property laps up, a supposedly mean blue-state Republican.

Christie has nary 2024 future. He volition support offering his opinions and sucking up to Donald Trump portion pretending to beryllium mean for arsenic agelong arsenic anyone volition springiness him airtime.

There is nary marketplace for Chris Christie. America is not crying retired for a Christie comeback.

If anything, the publication income numbers suggest that what the American radical truly privation is for Chris Christie to get disconnected of their televisions and spell away.

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